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Oatmeal are one of the best cereal types that you can have. It is healthy and nutritious and easy to cook. Oatmeal is something everyone as been introduced to as kids. You have had variations of it and you have to agree that it is one of the best ways to quick eating. Basically oatmeal is made from oats, which are a natural fibre.

It is very much similar in texture to your cornflakes. Oatmeal is also called white oats and it is made after grounding oats. But unike cornmeal and peasemeal, oatmeal can be consumed in different forms like rolled, steel cut or even crushed.There are many health and nutrition benefit of the humble oatmeal and if you are looking forward to making some changes towards a healthier life, you should definitely consider adding this to.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Oatmeal:

Aids In Weight loss

Helps With Weight Loss

One of the primary reasons for consuming oatmeal is that it helps in weight loss. As per a recent study by the “Molecular Nutrition & Food Research” oatmeal contains β-glucan, which is a compound that reduces appetite. It also helps to increase hunger pangs by combatting hormone cholecystokinin. As a result, you feel less hungry and hence oatmeal works in weight loss and weight maintenance.

Quick To Cook And Versatile

Quick To Cook And Versatile

Most homemakers would agree that they love oats because it is easy to cook. Of course, since it is healthy it just adds to the benefits. Basically quick cooking oatmeal doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Hence it is a great breakfast meal or even a dinner meal when you don’t have time to cook. You can have it with milk, add vegetables to it or even meats for some added taste. The versatile oatmeal works well in breads too.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowers Blood Pressure

Oatmeal helps to reduce blood pressure too. It has been seen that these whole grains contain ingredients that work as an anti-hypertensive agent. This in turn lowers your blood pressure and helps you maintain problems related to it.

Reduces Cholesterol

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

One of the other benefits of oatmeal is that it is a soluble fibre. Basically when you compare oats to other grains you will notice that the same gets dissolved in the intestinal tract with ease. It also traps cholesterol particles and flushes it out, which in turn lowers cholesterol.

Is Great For Your Skin

Good  Skin

Now no doubt that internal consumption of oatmeal is wonderful for the skin. But you can also use it externally. Oatmeal baths are highly suggested for people with itchy and sensitive skins. Oatmeal has natural starches that helps to prevent dryness and retains moisture in the skin. It exfoliates gently and soothes the skin while providing moisture. You can mix oatmeal with milk and use as a face pack too.

Reduces Risk Of Colon Cancer

Reduces Risk Of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer can be curbed and prevented with the use of oatmeal. It has been seen that eating a high fibre diet like ones that include oatmeal, helps to prevent risk of colon cancer. Basically a bowl of oatmeal helps to minimise the risk of colon cancer.

Balances Blood Sugar

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Oatmeal is one of the ingredients that helps in balancing the sudden crash or increase of sugar in the body. Basically any kind of cereal that you can consume (packaged ones) are high on artificial sugar. But foods like oatmeal have low sugar and high fibre content. Being low on the glycemic index, it helps in balancing your sugar ratio in the body. The steel cut oatmeal is highly suggested for this health benefit.

Improve Digestive Functions

Treats digestive problems

Oatmeal is high on fibre, this in turn helps in better bowel movements. When your body is eating natural fibres, it is able to flush out toxins and waste at a much better and easier pace. Hence with regular intake of oatmeal, digestive functions are improved.

Improves Performance

Improves Performance

Sportsperson across the world are known to consume at least 1 bowl of oatmeal a day. The simple reason is that oatmeal is a food source that is high on good carbs and proteins too. This takes care of the energy needs of the body, while providing needed calories, but not fats.

Improves Immunity

Improves immunity

Oatmeal are high on nutritive value. In fact when you combine it with vegetables, fruits, meats or dairy, you only add to its nutritive value. The immune system of the body thus gets the much needed boost. Also, oatmeal contains an element  named beta-glucan, which is a unique fibre that will help the neutrophils travel easily to infected or vulnerable areas of the body and thus aid faster recovery.

Stay Younger

stay younger

Oatmeals are loaded with antioxidants named avenanthramides that are not found in any other substances. Basically these are known to fight off free radicals that cause cell damage. With higher metabolism rate and better immunity, these cells rejuvenate and function better, which helps you get younger skin too!



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