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10 Amazing Benefits Of Tangerine Essential Oil

10 Amazing Benefits Of Tangerine Essential Oil

Contrary to popular belief, tangerine is just like the mandarin orange and I was unaware of this fact too. But the only difference is that tangerines don’t have those pips which are present in oranges and Tangerines also have deeper color when compared to oranges. Its grown in various phases of the year.

The Genesis of tangerine oil is traced back to China. But as of now, it is grown all around the world. The essential oil of tangerine is considered to be great for health. The essential oil is extracted through the peels of the fruit.Owing to its medicinal qualities, tangerine essential oil is used for many purposes in order to keep health. Not many are aware of its miraculous medicinal capabilities and that is the purpose we are presenting this article.

Here We Tell You 10 Benefits Of Using The Tangerine Essential Oil: 

Can Disinfect Bruises

Tangerine essential oil has the properties of an antiseptic. It can effectively control the spreading of bacteria and can also fight the existing ones. Use of tangerine essential oil on wounds and cuts will kill the bacterias at once and disinfect the wounded region. It will also decrease the swelling and redness of the same.

Can Disinfect Bruises

For Skin Regrowth

This oil has the capacity of stimulating the generation and regrowth of cells. Thus, it can prove to be of great help in healing burnt skin or injured skin quickly. It can also prevent aging of skin to a considerable extent and can also treat mature skin.

Combination Skin

Can Cure Skin Problems

You can find tangerine oil as one of the main ingredients in skin care products. This is due to the antiseptic and anti fungal qualities of the same.Just like many citrus extracts, even this oil can be very helpful in curing pimples and various other skin problems.

popping pimples

Hair Treatment

Hair fall and dandruff are quite common these days and people just can’t bear with it. Well, use of tangerine essential oil could be a complete natural solution for this problem. It conditions the scalps and helps you get rid of hair problems.

Stop Hair Fall

Stress Buster

The current lifestyle has become really hectic and mental health issues like stress and anxiety are appearing even in young people. This problem, if not paid attention to, can prove to be really harmful for the mental well being of the person. However,tangerine has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Applying the oil on the head before sleep can help you in many ways. The sedative property of the oil can also ensure you a comfortable sleep.

Keep A Check On Unhealthy Habits And Stress Levels

To Purify The Blood

Tangerine essential oil can effectively purify blood and also acts as a forward catalyst in detoxification process. It can successfully eliminate various toxins and unwanted excess salts from the body. It can also help in excretion of uric acid from the body.

Thinning Of Blood

Can Cure Stomach Troubles

The medicinal qualities of tangerine essential oil makes it one of the best natural sources for treating stomach disorders or problems concerned to digestive system of the body. It assures the stomach is in apt condition by controlling the flow of digestive juices. It can also aid internal stomach injuries and inflammation problems.


Can Treat Spasms

Tangerine essential oil has antispasmodic qualities that will aid and relieve a various troubles occurred due to spasms. Spasms aren’t just restricted to menstrual cramps but can be caused in the whole body. The spasms that happen in respiratory system, nervous system and digestive system are very dangerous and can cause serious troubles. Tangerine essential oil consumption can reduce these risks and keep your body away from danger.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Can Reduce Marks Caused By Cellulite

We all ought to grow old and in this process, there is considerable amount of change in our mass and this will lead to unwanted marks on our bodies. Sadly, these marks are really hard to get away from. Many essential oils promise effect on these marks but tangerine essential oil is the best bet. Having frequent massages with tangerine essential oil can help you get rid of those unwanted marks on your body.

Cures stretch marks

To Keep The Home Tidy

We have already talked about the antibacterial properties of the tangerine essential oil. Anti fungal properties have also been talked about. Besides these, it also has conspicuous fragrance that makes it a perfect disinfectant for the home. Add few drops into the water which you use to clean your home and you are already doing a great job maintaining the hygiene!

To Keep The Home Tidy

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