10 Amazing Benefits Of Tree Pose For Your Body

10 Amazing Benefits Of Tree Pose For Your Body

Tadasana is called the Tree Pose in English. To perform this asana, stand straight with your feet touching each other. Now, slowly, lift your hands above your head and try to interlock the fingers. The palms should face upwards. Deep breathe while lifting the hands. Now, lift your feet so that you stand on your toes. Try to attain a balance. Hold on for a few seconds. Now, lower your feet and release your hands, slowly, all the while breathing out. Relax by separating your legs a little apart and dangling your hands, sideways. Now, perform this asana or pose, thrice. As you become regular in practice, increase the count to ten.

Practice Of Tree Pose Regularly Bestows Your Body With The Following Amazing Benefits:

Height Increase

If this pose is practised regularly by kids and teenagers, it helps in adding a few inches, permanently, to their height. This is due to the fact that Tree Pose  helps in stretching the limbs and the spinal chord of the performer.

Increases Height

Better Posture

Regular practice of Tree Pose helps one attain a better posture. As you perform this asana, you learn the right balancing and all the body parts get stretched and expanded allowing for better oxygenation. In course of time, this helps in gaining a better body image.

Palm Tree Pose

Helps Treat Back Problems

Performing Tree Pose  regularly helps in stretching and strengthening the back muscles. The pose also enables the strengthening of the vertebral column. This helps in ridding one of backache and other related problems. Those suffering from back problems should consult their doctor before starting out. While doing this pose, it is necessary that it is performed slowly and steadily.

Remedies For Backache

Better Blood Circulation

Tadasana stretches every body organ. Also, while going up to clasp the hands together, the doer breathes deeply. This helps in a greater intake of oxygen. While coming down, there is a slow but gradual and rhythmic release of carbon dioxide. Both these actions help in ensuring proper blood circulation to the entire body.

Better Blood Circulation

Helps In  Indigestion

Tadasana stretches all the digestive organs including the intestines. Regular practice helps in activating the intestines and the digestive juices and enzymes. Often, practitioners experience relief from indigestion and constipation.

Aids Digestion

Regulates Menstruation

Tree Pose  helps in activating all the female reproductive organs. The ovaries and uterus are activated and they flush out the toxins and waste by regular menstruation. Related problems like amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea are also healed by doing this asana regularly.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Strengthens The Respiratory System

When you stretch your limbs slowly above your head to join the palms, obseve that your chest gets expanded. This ensures greater supply of oxygen to the lungs. This activity helps in clearing the lungs and the nasal cavities. Thus, problems like chest congestion, nasal blocks and bronchitis can be triumphantly laid to rest by sticking to this pose, regularly.

Improves immunity

Strengthens Calf Muscles

The act of balancing yourself on your toes while doing Tree Pose  helps in strengthening the calf muscles. Not only that, the pose helps in relieving any kind of tension or pressure on the leg, thigh and calf muscles.

Easy Inner Thigh Workouts For Beautiful Legs

Removes Lethargy

An early morning session of yoga in which Tree Pose  is one of the poses, helps a person to be active. The rush of blood to all parts of the body and the release of feel-good hormones, helps one to quell lethargy and remain active and fit for the rest of the day.


Creates A Physical And Mental Balance

We already know that regular practice of this pose helps in attaining a physical balance. To improvise and reap greater benefits, close your eyes while performing this asana. This creates a gradual sense of mental balance too.

Tree Pose

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