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10 Beauty Habits To Follow Every Night



8-10 hours of sleep is not only important for the overall health of the body, but also for our skin. Skin breathes, repairs itself, and gets rejuvenated during the night. We can follow simple rules and habits before sleeping so that the youthfulness of the skin is maintained.

The Beauty Tips To Follow Before Going To Bed Are

Remove Your Make-up

It is a good idea to remove all make up before going to bed. Make up of the eyes and on the lashes should also be completely removed. The skin needs to be free and exposed at night to breathe and repair. Make up clogs the pores and cuts off air supply leading to acne, pimples, and other breakouts. Cosmetics contain chemicals and if these are left on the skin over night, they will damage the skin.

Makeup Remove

Use A Humidifier

Install a humidifier in your bedroom to increase the moisture content in the air. This helps in hydrating the skin and making it more resistant to allergens and dry skin problems like eczema and more. The skin texture improves and as the skin gets moisturized all night gets plumper and softer.


Eye Cream

Eye is the most delicate part of the face and the area around the eyes develop signs of ageing earliest. So we should take care of this area and keep it well moisturised. Make a night cream of your choice or use use a nice oil like the coconut oil that contains the good hydrating fats and nourish the skin. Massage this area lightly in cicular motion before sleeping. The cream will be absorbed by the skin and the repair work will be done effectively at night.

Use Eye Cream

Moisturise The Hands

Hands have to bear the brunt of wear and tear all through the day. They cannot usually be left free during the day so night is the best time to take care of your hands. Moisturise them well with a good fat content cream and leave it overnight to repair. All cuts, bruises, peeling skin and dry skin gets repaired during the night and the hands are supple and soft the next morning.


Tie Your Hair

The hair should be knotted before sleeping. Else, they keep falling on the face and the dirt, dandruff and grime of the hair will stick onto the face and lead to eruptions. Also, tying up the hair prevents tangles and knots in the hair.

Tie The Hair

Tone Your Skin

Toning the skin tigthens the pores and firms the skin elasticity. It clears the skin of all the dust and grease and allows good breathing. Toning the skin before sleeping is especially recommended for oily skin to prevent acne and pimples. Rose water is the best natural toning option which hydrates and freshens up the skin.


Massage Your Feet

Since applying any moisturiser can be left overnight, legs should be definitely treated at night. Ligthly massage them with a good oil or apply petroleum jelly to the feet and leave it. The calluses, rough, dry and flaky skin gets hydration all night and can be repaired well. Always wash them with warm water before appying the oil or petroleum jelly and wear socks to avoid grease sticking to the sheets. Massaging the feet also helps in unwinding and getting a better nights sleep.

Massage your feet

Prop Your Pillows

Sleeping on propped pillows disallows the accumulation of fluid under the eyes and prevents puffiness. The lymph and blood flows down due to the gravitational pull and the face does not look swollen the next morning.

propped pillows

Use Silk Pillows

Cotton pillows can lead to creases that can cause fine lines on the face. Silk has amino acids and proteins that are good for the skin and hair. The roughness of cotton pillows can damage the skin and hair cuticles.

silk pillow

Get Ample Sleep

It is important to get 8 hours of sleep to get good skin and hair texture. The lights should be dim, music, and tv should be turned off, and the environment should be calm. A good nights sleep improves blood circulation and prevents the under eye circles. It makes the skin look fresh and healthy and improves the skin resistance against germs and bacteria and prevents wrinkles and sagging skin.



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