10 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Yoga is not only about physical exercise. It is about creating the right balance of our physical and mental capabilities. It also aims at elevating the performer to higher spiritual and intuitive levels. However, a majority of us see yoga as a great system to cure physical ailments without causing much physical discomfort. When you perform yoga regularly, the benefits are bound to follow. This is true even for children. Kids who get into the practice of yoga, early on in their lives, enjoy a great many benefits.

Let Us Take A Look At Some Of Them:

Develop Immunity

Certain yogic exercises which involve sytematic breathing, stretching poses etc., help the child to develop greater immunity. Such immunity levels make the child, a healthy and happy kid. When the body’s defence system gets stronger, diseases and seasonal ailments which kids are often prone to, become things of the past.

Immunity Boosters

Increase Height

Certain simple yoga postures like the mountain pose, tree pose and others which involve stretching, help a child to become taller. These postures work on the spinal chord and help in stretching of the same. To get satisfactory results, the child should practise the poses under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

Increase Height

Better Concentration

Children who practise yoga have higher concentration levels. This is because of the fact that yoga teaches them to concentrate on their breathing patterns and the poses, invariably. By following the correct methods of yoga practice, kids become more alert and concentrate better. Hence, there is every chance for improved academic performance.

Better concentration

Eye Health:

Now-a-days, kids are constantly exposed to electronic gadgets. These devices take a toll on the eyesight. But there are specific yoga postures, which, if done regularly, remove eye fatigue and strengthen the retina and eye muscles. A set of yoga postures can also cure a child of myopia. However, these exercises should be learnt and performed under the supervision of experts.

Eye health

Digestive Health:

Kids often face digestive issues after being constantly exposed to unhealthy eating habits. However, yoga helps in activating the digestive organs. Hence, children who are regulars at yoga studios develop a healthy appetite which is the result of good digestion.

Digestive health

Neck And Back Health:

Students have so many notes to prepare and so many topics to learn. These activities cause a strain on the shoulders, back and neck. However, by adopting certain yoga poses, such pains can be nipped at the bud. Also, yoga teaches kids the right way to sit, stand and read. All these help students from getting back and neck pain.

Neck and back health

Better Awareness About Natural Living:

As stated earlier, yoga is not only about physical exercise. It also educates a child about good food habits and recommends about balanced diets. By adhering to these concepts, a child would naturally develop a dislike for junk food and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Better awareness about natural living

Higher Self-confidence:

Kids who practise yoga have a better body balance and better posture. They are healthier and are, generally, not prone to ailments. Such healthy children develop a greater self-esteem about themselves.

Higher self-confidence

Better Relaxation:

Kids who do yoga are aware of their breathing. They are capable of doing different breathing exercises which help them to feel instantly relaxed. Certain yoga methods like Brahmari Pranayama and the chanting of the syllable OM send positive vibrations to the entire body and help in relaxing the mind and body.

Better relaxation

Better Human Beings:

When children realise that yoga is a fruitful journey and in order to enjoy the benefits, they should tread on this path, constantly, they understand that life, in itself, is more than instant gratification. Thus, they become more responsible, compassionate and mature adults.

Better human beings

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