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10 Best Herbs To Relieve Joint Pain: Natural Cure

Best Herbs To Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain or arthralgia is a common health issue being faced by people of all ages across the globe. It is marked by acute soreness, discomfort, swelling and ache in the regions where the bones meet in the body. It is caused by injury and inflammation in the tendons, ligaments and bursae surrounding any joint. People with joint ache generally complain of shoulder, knee and ankle ache. The most common form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Apart from the common medical and therapeutic treatments, joint aches can be treated naturally by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. An alternate curative treatment for relieving joint ache includes consuming certain herbs that display potent healing properties. Some of these remedial  herbs beneficial for joint pain are:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is rich in vitamin A,B,C and E which have powerful anti inflammatory properties that help in relieving joint aches. Aloe vera absorbs and diminishes the toxins that are released when the joints suffering from inflammation and it also helps to reduce the swelling in the inflamed joints. Aloe vera contains glucosamine that help treat arthritis and joint stiffness. The vital minerals present in this herb help to speed up the enzyme reaction in the joint thereby helping the joint to heal faster.

Aloe Vera Helps To Relieve Joint Pain


The gum of this herb displays powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. A study in 2003 concluded the efficacy and safety for the usage of this herb. It helps to block Leukotrienes which attack the healthy cells in human body. Available in creams and tablets it helps in flexibility of muscle, decreases swelling and knee pain.

Boswellia Helps To Relieve Joint Pain

Cat’s claw

This anti inflammatory herb has potential to control the tumor necrosis factor (TNF). It is basically an immunity boosting herb that can reduce pain by about fifty percent. However, if you are on immune depressing drugs then Cats claw should not be taken. It might exaggerate the pain.

Cat’s claw Helps To Relieve Joint Pain


Eucalyptus oil is a naturally derived from the leaves of Eucalyptus tree. This oil when combined with various other oils can give a relief from the soreness and swelling of the joints due to arthritis. The main ingredient which gives this unique property to eucalyptus is Tannin. Using heat pad after application of the oil further increases the efficacy of the oil.

Eucalyptus Helps To Relieve Joint Pain


The normal house hold compound like ginger can be an important herb to fight the pains and aches of arthritis. No human trial has been done so far on ginger but in alternate medicine it is used joint swelling.

Ginger Helps To Relieve Joint Pain

Green Tea

Green tea is a tea full of anti oxidants. It is unprocessed and hence this admirable property. this herb has also the property to burn fat and hence reduce the load on the knees. It can soothe arthritic joints.

Green Tea Helps To Relieve Joint Pain


The analgesic property in Cayenne pepper is due to the capsaicin present in it. Medical researches have actually proven that repeated use of this pepper can cause reduction in pain. It helps to produce chemical P in the body which in turn gives relief to the joints.

Cayenne Helps To Relieve Joint Pain


Turmeric when taken orally helps in relieving joint pains. Widely used as a spice in everyday cooking in the Indian subcontinent, turmeric has a long history in everyone’s kitchen. The ontioxident property of turmeric inhibits the expression of COX-2.  A paste of turmeric can also be applied on the affected area to reduce the tension.

Turmeric Helps To Relieve Joint Pain

Willow Bark

The willow bark is the nature’s substitute for Asprin. Salicin the active ingredient in the bark is the main chemical behind the property of pain relief. It can be chewed as well. Willow bark dates to the old times in history where people used to take this bark for relief from pain and fever. Widely available this is a gift of nature to mankind. Over dose of this can cause rashes.

Willow Bark Helps To Relieve Joint Pain


Licorice is a wonder herb with long list of benefits. This root dates back to Egyptians, Romans and Greek but also forms an integral part of Chinese medicine. Its aspirin like property helps reduce fever and pain. Glycyrrhizin acid present in Licorice is the key chemical behind the multiple benefits of the herb. It helps relief pain and swelling.

Licorice Helps To Relieve Joint Pain

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