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10 Dangerous Side Effects Of Echinacea

Dangerous Side Effects Of Echinacea

Echinacea is an herb that has lots of health benefits. Various species of Echinacea plant are used as an important ingredient in lots of medicines. From ancient times people used this herb to treat malaria, fever, blood poisoning, infections, diphtheria and in other ailments. In recent days it is used in cough, fever, flu, vaginal yeast infection, ADHD and chronic fatigue condition. The efficiency of this plant is very well-known to everyone and this herb is used widely used by mankind for its healing qualities. However there are side effects of this herb also and a few reported its side effects as well. Excessive use of everything is harmful and that is true for this herb as well. Consulting your physician is recommended as soon as possible if you are observing any unusual effect or syndrome in yourself after consuming this herb. It is recommended to understand the amount and dosage of consuming this herb before starting to consume this herb.

Here Are 10 Most Dangerous Side Effects Of This Medicinal Plant

Liver Damage

People who have gone through the surgery of liver transplant, then taking Echinacea continuously for 8 to 10 weeks can be harmful to liver hugely. High doses of the herb influence the liver enzymes. This situation can lead to liver disorder to the patients who has undergone liver transplantation. If you are taking medicines like anabolic steroid or methotrexate with this herb, then you can also suffer from liver inflammation.


Stomach Upset

Consuming too much Echinacea can be harmful for stomach. You may face different types of symptoms, such as, stomach pain, abdominal pain, bloating, burping and diarrhoea. You should stop taking this herb immediately after observing the stomach and digestion disorder syndromes.



Are you feeling vomiting or dizziness after a regular use of Echinacea? Well, you should know that nausea is the most common side effect of this herb. It might be felt after usage of this herb for a long time. You can feel dry mouth, loss of sensation on the tongue, sore throat, insomnia etc. Consult your doctor if you feel any of the above syndromes.

Reduces Nausea


Echinacea can be the reason of high fever in children and in some adults as well. You should change your doses according to the effect and make sure that you are comfortable with your current dose. Nothing is good to have for long days and excessively. If you have this sort of fever after a course of use of this herb then consult your doctor immediately and stop taking the herb.

Reduces fever


People, who have respiratory problems like asthma, are not recommended to take this herb. Research says that who does not have such problems can develop respiratory problems due to over consuming Echinacea. This herb affects the bronchial functions highly and affects the respiratory organs. They can also suffer from high fever, asthma, tightness in the chest, lung spasm, shortness of breath, wheezing etc. Children who are suffering from cough and cold should not consume this herb at all.


Blood Disorder

Research proved that over dose of Echinacea can create several blood related diseases, like blood clots in blood vessels of the body. It reduces the number of platelets and white blood corpuscles. These components in blood are responsible for flowing oxygen in the body. Blood clotting within the vessels will lead to the interruption of fresh oxygen rich blood flow to the brain, heart and kidney and hence to organ failures.

Blood  Disorder

Immune Disorder

Over consuming of this plant may effect on your immune system. You may grow serious auto- immune disorder, such as, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis HIV/ AIDS, certain cancer etc.

 immune disorder

Abnormal Heartbeat

You can feel irregular heartbeat if you consume this medicinal herb hugely. But it does not influence any cardiovascular problems. You also can feel trembles, fainting etc.

abnormal Heartbeat

Allergic Reaction

Allergy is also a common problem in over consuming of Echinacea. If you have problems with ragweed, marigold then you can face allergy problems. Rashes, redness, swelling, itchiness are some of the allergy reaction may occur. It is recommended that first try a small dose of this herb and observe for some time or days to ensure no irritations are felt, and then start consuming in bigger amounts.

Skin Rashes

Increases Bleeding

Echinacea has a few anti-coagulant components also and these components can affect blood clotting. If you are going to have any surgery then you should stop taking this herb much before that. Otherwise it will increase the risk of bleeding.


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