10 Foods To Include In The Diet Post Pregnancy



New mothers gain a bundle of happiness and joy along with some extra pounds. However, you don’t have to add food worries to your sleepless nights and stress when you are getting adjusted to the new schedule. Eating healthy foods daily will keep up the energy levels of a new mom. If you are breastfeeding your baby you need to include all the healthy and nutrient-rich foods to enhance the production of the breast milk. So, it is time for the new moms to include a bunch of healthy foods in their diet post pregnancy.

Here Are The Top 10 Foods You Need To Include In Your Post Pregnancy Diet


Salmon is one such healthy food which contains a good dose of nutrients essential for new moms. Salmon is a fatty fish variety which contains DHA. In fact, DHA is essential for the development of the infant’s nervous system. Also, DHA in salmon fish help in improving your mood, thus preventing postpartum depression. However, you need to choose healthy salmon fish that contains lesser traces of mercury.


Brown Rice

You might cut carbs to shed some excess weight. But, losing weight too fast can reduce your breast milk production and can make you feel lethargic. So, choose whole grain varieties such as brown rice to boost your energy levels. Consuming such foods can provide your body with nutrients essential for enhancing the stimulation of breast milk.

Brown rice

Low-Fat Dairy Foods

Dairy products such as yogurt, milk etc. is essential for healthy breastfeeding. So, you need to include healthy low-fat dairy foods. Milk helps in delivering vitamin D which is a vital nutrient essential for the bone health. Also, dairy products provide you with a good dose of calcium, B vitamins, protein etc. Breastfeeding mothers need to have milk to get enough of calcium which is essential to meet the calcium needs of the baby as well.



Oranges are highly nutritious and provide a great source of energy to the new mothers. They help in boosting your energy levels and including such citrus fruits in the diet can provide nursing moms with a good dose of vitamin C. You can even have a glass of orange juice regularly. However, prefer homemade orange juice or any other citrus fruit juices instead of the packaged ones.



Legume varieties such as beans are high in iron. Consuming iron-rich legume varieties such as kidney beans and black beans are considered good for breastfeeding mothers. For vegetarians, including such foods in the diet can provide high-quality protein to the nursing mothers.


Whole-Grain Cereal

One of the healthiest foods that can boost up the energy levels of the nursing mothers who had a sleepless night is whole-grain cereal. Having a cup of whole-grain cereal for your breakfast can provide you with a good dose of nutrients as whole-grain cereals are fortified with essential nutrients and vitamins. Add a cup of fresh blueberries and skim milk to your whole-grain cereal for an added advantage.



New mothers need to get one or more servings of fruit juice and fruits every day. Blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits to consume and are a great choice to add for your breakfast cereal. They provide a good dose of nutrients and minerals that keep you full for a longer period apart from providing a good dose of carbs that keep up your energy levels.



Eggs are a great source of healthy protein and including it in your diet regimen is a great way to meet the needs of your baby as well. Include them in your breakfast. A scrambled egg and a cup of whole-grain cereal with skim milk are a healthy breakfast you have to consume post pregnancy. Prefer DHA-fortified eggs as they help enhance the EFA in your milk.

Eggs (2)

Leafy Green Veggies

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, Swiss Chard etc. are loaded with a healthy amount of vitamin A essential for you and your baby as well. Also, they contain a good dose of plant-based calcium, iron, and vitamin C. Green leaf veggies are low in calories and have a bunch of healthy antioxidants as well.

 Green-Leafy Vegetables

Whole Wheat Bread

Pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers, need folic acid which is essential for the development of the baby. This vital nutrient is essential for the development of your infant and you can get this crucial nutrient by having certain kinds of foods fortified with folic acid. Whole-grain foods such as whole wheat bread are fortified with it and they also contain a good dose of iron and fiber.

Whole wheat bread


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