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10 Health Benefits Of Dried Fruits

Health Benefits Of Dried Fruits

Dry fruits are atom bombs of nutrients and essential minerals in terms of foods. You will find them in every diet and every health advice irrespective of their topic. That tells you that these are a highly versatile food group that follow the mantra of a little goes a long way. The significant ones in this food group are: Raisins, Cashew nuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Dates, etc. High on flavor and greatly beneficial in terms of over all human health it has significant benefits.

Improved Heart Health:

Dry fruits are often prescribed to patients and suspected patients with cardiovascular anomalies. The presence of essential omega fatty acids makes them imperative towards maintaining a healthy heart condition for a longer period of time.

1. Almonds and walnuts are the richest sourced of these omega proteins and help in cases of arrhythmia. They also contain a bounty of the rare amino acid called argentine which is instrumental in improving the ESR level in our blood.

2. Cashew nuts contain mono saturated fats which are also helpful to maintain desired cholesterol levels of the arteries.

3. Pistachios are known to give a good bout of Vitamin B6 that is essential for heart health.

4. Dates contain nutrients that help combat atherosclerosis which is the root cause of strokes and heart failures.

Dry Fruits Helps To Improve Heart Health

Boosts Hemoglobin:

Hemoglobin is a very essential compound that is present in our blood and it is a prime prerogative to maintain it in its proper levels. Dry fruits are often helpful to maintain them at their optimum levels. They increase the flow of blood and also the formation of new vessels. It also helps transport the essential minerals from our foods consumed to all the necessary parts of our body.

1. Almonds are very effective in improving hemoglobin levels and producing new vessels.

2. Prunes are a rich source of retinol, potassium and copper which keep our energy levels up.

3. Cashews also contain a good bounty of copper which is vital for energy generation in our bodies

Apart from this, the presence of iron and other compounds helps keep us more active and alert. Thus also improves our memory and retention capabilities, while ensuring greater flexibility in blood vessels.

Monitoring Cholesterol Levels:

As established before, he dry fruits are essential for heart health. The other effect of this is a monitored level of good and bad cholesterol in the lipid profile of the body. They promote circulation of blood and don’t weight it down.

1. Almonds and walnuts have omega fatty acids of omega 3 and 6 that helps reduce cholesterol.

2. Raisins are loaded with essential minerals which are a boon to the blood circulatory system.

Dry Fruits Promote Circulation Of Blood

Lowers Hypertension:

As per the latest studies on hypertension and high blood pressure it has been found that Almonds help lower blood pressure to a vast extent. Raisins neutralize the acids in our blood, thereby preventing acidosis due thanks to magnesium and potassium contained in it.

Dry Fruits Helps To Lower Hypertension

Relief to Constipation:

Intestinal problems may also be relieved with the help regular and monitored consumption of about a handful of dry fruits.

1. Raisins are consumed and when digested they follow the osmosis process by soaking in all the excess water in the system thereby making it easier for regular bowel movements.
2. Fiber rich pistachios are also helpful in clearing out the intestinal system.
3. Dates also provide relief from constipation conditions as it is a very effective laxative.
4. Walnuts also provide the laxative push needed for a healthy gut.

Control And Prevention Of Excessive Hair Loss:

Hair loss is very common, but when it becomes alarming, the reasons are mostly malnourishment. To help this cause the dry fruits are your best bet, especially those which contain natural oils and Vitamins essential for hair growth.  Almonds are the handiest with respect to hair problems. It is so effective that even it’s Vitamin E rich oil can sort out some very basic hair problems. It adds shine and health to your mane while ensuring a healthy scalp.

Dry Fruits Helps To Control Hair Loss

Control Free Radicals And Prevent Manifestation Of Cancer Cells:

As per intense research work at the various cancer related institutes around the world, it has been observed that, almonds are very rich in flavonoids. These are very essential elements in the fight towards elimination of breast cancer.
Apart from almonds the others in the category equipped to control growth of free radicals in our bodies lie with walnuts that are rich in anti oxidants and cashews as well as pistachios which are essential in combating skin cancer.

Dry Fruits Control Manifestation Of Cancer Cells

Reduced Signs Of Aging:

Dry fruits may be dry and wrinkly but then they contain the essence that can keep your wrinkle and age woes at bay. A handful everyday will slow down the cell breakage process and improve its rejuvenation time, thereby ensuring a youthfully glowing skin for a long time.

1. Soaked almonds mixed with milk give the perfect recipe for scrubbing off dry skin and if consumed ensures a good bout of vitamins and protein in your body.

2. Raisins have an age reversing agent called resveratrol that will slow down the aging process.

3. Omega 3 and linoleic acid found in walnuts helps avoid fine lines and wrinkles from forming around your face.

4. Pistachio contains a host of anti oxidants that prevents aging and smoothens skin.

Dry Fruits Helps To Reduce Signs Of Aging

Boosting Organ Health:

Dry fruits help various organs differently and are vital for each and every one of them.

1. Raisins improve bone and teeth health with calcium and boron. The presence of retinol ensures better eyesight and prevention of cataract and muscular degeneration.

2. Cashew nuts gives magnesium and calcium which also maintains teeth and gum health.

3. Pistachios contain carotenoids which are essential for eye care.

4. Walnuts and almonds contain brain food in the form of omega fatty acids.

Weight Management:

Raisins are wonderful when it comes to feeling fuller for longer hours. Once you eat them the fiber bloats up inside giving you the feeling of being sated in terms of hunger pangs. The same applies to almonds and walnuts. They should be consumed in moderation due to their fat content, but these are the best foods that trick the body into not craving for more food. So if a mere handful can give you so many vital benefits then dry fruits are the way to go in your everyday diet.

Dry Fruits Helps To Manage The Body Weight

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