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10 Healthy Tips For Reliving Fatigue


Good Health is key to Leading Active life. Fatigue is Energy sapper and affects Mind and Body. Jet lag, Improper Lifestyle, Unhealthy Diet and Sleep Deprivation are Leading Reasons for Fatigue. Fatigue becomes Chronic when its Caused by Diabetes, Heart Disease, Anaemia and Thyroid. Healthy foods when combined with Good habits helps in Eliminating Fatigue, Boosting Stamina and Improving overall Health.

Few Habits Which Reduces Fatigue

1. Exercising Regularly

Fatigue elevates Feeling of Tiredness affecting Health and Muscles. Exercise is Proven way to Increase Stamina and Mood. Regular exercising Helps in Boosting Energy, Promoting Healthy Energy, Reducing Fatigue and Giving Feeling of well Being. Exercise is also Efficient in Boosting Hearts, Lungs and Muscles health thereby giving Active body. Exercise is must if one wants Optimum Energy and Health Regularly.

Exercising Regularly

2. Practising Yoga

Yoga is age old method of Balancing and Managing Mental, Physical strength. Yoga can be Effective in Dealing with Fatigue. It helps in Strengthening Energy, Curbing Fatigue, Enhancing Feeling of well Being and Increasing Mental Stamina. These have Made Yoga New and powerful Exercise which should be Practise Regularly.

Practising Yoga

3. Enhancing Water Intake

Water is Essential and Lack of Water leads to Dehydration. Dehydration is Common cause of Fatigue. This leads to Reduced Stamina, Physical Activity Impacting Mental Alertness, Concentration Leading to Enhanced Fatigue. Its suggested by Doctors to Have 6 – 8 Glasses of Water for Maintaining Hydration in Body.

 Enhancing Water Intake

4. Maintaining Adequate Sleep

Insomnia or Improper sleep affects Health, Mind making Body Fatigue prone. Fatigue can be Curbed by Maintaining Regulated sleep of 6-8 Hours. Its suggested 10- 15  of Afternoon or Power Nap and Drinking Coffee after Nap may Instantly Boost Energy, Mood and Reduce Fatigue. Proper regimented Sleep and Wake time are must if one wants Active lifestyle.

Maintaining Adequate Sleep

5. Following Healthy Nutrition

Nutrient Rich Food are Best source of Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals. These Healthy Food can Aide in Boosting Energy, Curbing and Managing Fatigue reducing its  symptoms. Its vital to Consume Healthy and Nutritious Food for Getting best health Benefits.

Following Healthy Nutrition

6. Eating Omega 3 Rich Food

Omega 3 is good Healthy Heart and Health giver. It can also be Beneficial in Reducing Fatigue in cases of Chronic Fatigue. Omega 3 Rich Food like Fish, Walnuts, Fruits should be taken Regularly for Managing and Curbing Chronic Fatigue.

Eating Omega 3 Rich Food

7. Consuming Small Meals

Its vital to Eat Right for Sustaining Optimum Energy. Energy is Necessary and Fatigue deprives body of Energy making Drowsiness and Laziness common. Snack or Small mean should be Taken every 3-4 hours for Reducing Fatigue, Maintaining and Boosting Energy. Small snacks are effective in Giving energy throughout day.

Consuming Small Meals

8. Doing Meditation

This is form of Relaxing Mind and Body. Meditation can be Beneficial in Giving Healthy and Alert mind. Mind soothing techniques like Meditation and Tai Chi are Beneficial in Reducing Stress, Mental Tension and Fatigue. 15 Minute of Meditation aides in Relaxing Mind, Relieving Stress, Increasing Focus and Elevating Mood. Meditation must be Practised daily for Living Fatigue Free life.

Doing Meditation

9. Limiting Coffee Drinking

Coffee has potential to Instantly Boost Energy and Improving Mood. Its suggested Coffee can Lead to Fatigue. When Coffee is Curbed or Taken in Limited amount it can reduce Fatigue. Coffee should be Consumed in Moderation for Keeping Fatigue away.

Limiting Coffee Drinking

10. Living Stress Free Life

Stress harms Health affecting Mind and Body. Stress tends to elevate symptoms of Fatigue making it Chronic. It is Necessary to Live Stress free life for Overcoming Fatigue as well as curbing it. When one is Relaxed it aides in Boosting Mood and Gives Energy. A hobby like Reading, Listening to Music can be Effective in Reducing  Stress and Fatigue. Fatigue impacts Health making it Disease prone and affecting Health and Vigour. These Habits must be Incorporated in routine for Healthy Living in Hectic and ever Changing world.

Living Stress Free Life


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