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10 Healthy Tips To Remember While Eating Dinner


10 Healthy Tips To Remember While Eating Dinner

Dinner being the last meal of the day is often heavy and laced with carbohydrates and fats. It is the time to meet with friends and socialize, hence we end up eating more. But ideally, dinner should be taken timely and very light. Add salads, soups and simple foods that digest easily and help in getting a sound and restful sleep. Avoid tea, coffee, and other beverages before sleeping and eat at least 2 hours before retiring for bed.

The Simple Tips To Follow Before And After Dinner Are-

Water Intake

We should all drink a glass of warm water 1/2 hour before dinner as it helps in avoiding overeating and also keeps the stomach full. Warm water sipping stimulates the juices in the stomach for better digestion and helps the body in absorbing nutrients better while having dinner. Sipping a little water while eating also helps in better digestion, but care should be taken not to drink too much water while and after having dinner.

Drink Warm Water

Do Not Sleep Immediately

Dinner should be had 2 hours before retiring to sleep. If we sleep with a heavy stomach, the process of digestion gets hampered which often leads to bloating and heartburn issues. This also leads to trouble in a sound sleep and a person is left restless and uncomfortable all night.

Sleeping with makeup on

Brush Your Teeth

Always brush your teeth 30 minutes after having dinner. It prevents the build up of plaque and neutralizes the pH of the mouth. The left over food that sticks onto the teeth is brushed off avoiding teeth and gum problems as the bacterial action can lead to decay and erosion all through the night. Brush all parts of the teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes.

Brush And Floss

No Overeating

Avoid overeating as a heavy stomach can lead to indigestion issues and cause heartburn. The rule is not to eat after a burp! People are often seen loosening their belts to accommodate more food into the stomach. Never do that as it can lead to a bulging belly and other stomach problems.

Avoid Emotional Eating

Avoid Fried Foods

Yes, greasy, oily and fried items should be eaten preferably during the day. Eating them at night would cause difficulty in digesting them, which could further lead to an upset and irritable stomach.

Deep Fried Foods

Avoid Taking A Bath

Avoid showers immediately after a meal. Taking a bath leads to a slight dip in the body temperature that could hamper with digestion. Digestion requires body heat and also a lot of concentration of the body energy towards the stomach. A bath should be taken before dinner or at least one hour after dinner.

Hot And Cold Bath

Do Not Smoke

Smoking, in general, is injurious to health but done right after dinner could be fatal. It not only interferes with the process of digestion but also leads to heartburn and acidity problems.Problems like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcer colitis can get worse by smoking after dinners.

Smoking habit

Do Not Exercise

Heavy exercises like strength and cardio done right after dinner can upset the digestive processes. They raise the body temperature and also prevent the release of the hormone called melatonin, which induces sleep. So not only will the person be deprived of sleep but will also have an irritated stomach all through the night.

Exercises And Stretching

Go For Short Walks

A short walk after dinner will help in digesting the food well and also tire the body muscles moderately to induce good sleep. It should be done 1/2 hour after dinner and a short walk is sufficiently refreshing for the mind and body.

Avoid Fruits

Fruits should be avoided with dinner as they have a sugar content that can hamper a good sleep and also hinder with the digestion. They can upset the tummy and can keep us awake for long. It is best to have fruits 1/2 hour before having dinner.

Eat More Of Fruits


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