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10 Home Remedies For A Burned Tongue That Worked Wonders For Me


 Home Remedies For A Burned Tongue That Worked Wonders For Me

Have you ever experienced that burning sensation on the tongue after having something extremely hot or spicy? Often infants are seen sticking out their tongue all day, trying to show discomfort over something they can’t express. It is basically the result of eating something very hot that has left the tongue scalded. A burnt tongue can be very uncomfortable as we cannot get the taste or swallow anything properly till it heals up again. Not to say the pain of the burn. Menopausal women also experience the burning tongue syndrome. Though the body has its own mechanism of healing, some simple home remedies can offer relief to the tongue.

Some Of Them Are:

1. Sugar:

Sprinkle some sugar over the burnt area on the tongue. Let it stay on the tongue for some time for the burn to heal. Sucking a sugar candy can also soothe the tongue and lessen the pain.

Eat Sugary Foods

2. Ice Cubes:

Sucking an ice cube also provides relief from the pain in the tongue and helps it to recover quickly. Even a Popsicle or a cold drink might be helpful.

Ice remedy

3. Gargle:

Gargling the mouth with water warm is another way to make the burn heal faster.

Salt Water Gargle

4. Eat Yogurt:

Yogurt will soothe the tongue and make it less painful. It is advised to be eaten immediately after the burn and leave it on the tongue for a while for that calming effect. Greek yogurt is especially recommended for a scalded tongue.

Yogurt (5)

5. Sour Cream:

Daily products are known to provide relief to the burns. They can heal the burnt area faster and hence sour cream or even cold milk has the same effects that yogurt will provide.

Sour Cream

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6. Honey:

It is the best home remedy for any wound. Applying and leaving it on the tongue will help in subsiding the pain and its healing properties will cure the burn fast. Also sipping a glass of honey water from time to time will be helpful. Infants below 12 months should not be given honey.

Honey (8)

7. Breath Of Your Mouth:

This is an absolutely natural remedy. Instead of breathing from the nose, an effort should be made to breathe from the mouth. By doing this, the air that passes through the mouth will accelerate the healing process.

Breath from your mouth

8. Aloe Vera:

This wonder herb should be present in all kitchen gardens. Take the leaf of a fresh aloe plant, cut it and ooze out the juice on the burnt area to get immediate relief. Also, the recovery is sped up because aloe Vera has tremendous healing powers and the pain too gets minimized.

Aloe Vera Juice

9. Olive Oil:

Applying olive oil and leaving it for some time before it gets swallowed, can be beneficial in curing a burnt tongue.

Olive oil

10. Mint:

Sip a glass of mint tea to get fast comfort from the pain of a scaled mouth. It can be made by boiling fresh mint leaves in water and straining and cooling it.



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