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10 Home Remedies For Aching Eyes


When a person suffers from aching eyes, there is an intense pain and burning feeling in the eyes. The pain can occur in the eyes deep in the tissues or it can occur on the surface. Along with this, there is itching, tears, throbbing, redness, stabbing sensation, light sensitivity, shooting pain and colored discharge in the eyes. If any object goes into the eyes, the pain occurs only on the surface. Infection is another cause of this type of pain. The person feels very distressed and uncomfortable due to this. The problem of aching eyes can also be due to diseases like allergy and tuberculosis. Home remedies are useful for fighting this problem. We will suggest some easy remedies here.

Following Are The Top 10 Home Remedies For Aching Eyes.

1. Wash The Eyes

Sometimes, there is eye pain when something goes into the eyes and causes irritation and pain. For this, you should wash the eyes and try to remove the irritant from the eyes. Remove the object by plucking it out from the eyes.[1]


2. Use Castor Oil

Castor oil helps in reducing eye pain in a natural way. For this, put the oil inside the eyes when you suffer from pain. It will give an instant relief from eye pain. Just one drop of oil will be enough for a single use.[2]


3. Use Baking Soda

Use baking soda for eye problems and pain. Use it in the form of eyewash. For this, add lukewarm water to a little amount of baking soda and make a solution. Wash the eyes with this solution.[3]

baking soda

4. Use Fennel Tea Eyewash

Use fennel tea like eyewash. For this, heat water and add fennel seeds to it. Let it boil and then steep it for at least fifteen minutes. Strain and use the tea as an eyewash. Wash the eyes with this tea. Dip cloth in the solution and place over the eyes like a compress. Do this for fifteen minutes.[4]


5. Apply Alum On Eyelids

Use alum for healing eye pain and swelling. For this, rub the alum over a stone to get its paste. Heat the alum slightly to make it warm. After that, apply the alum on the eyelids for getting relief from eye problems.[5]


6. Use Alum With Rosewater

You can also use alum with rosewater to get relief from aching eyes. For this, grind the alum to get its powder. Add rosewater to it to make a liquid. Put the liquid in the eyes with the help of a dropper. It will heal redness, pain and strain in the eyes.[6]


7. Take Foods That Heal The Eyes

Changing the diet helps in making the eyes healthy. Take foods with nutrients that protect and heal the eyes. Eat foods that contain protein. Avoid sugary foods and caffeine. Take healthy foods with Vitamin A. Non-vegetarian people should eat lean protein. The best foods for you are chicken and fish.[7]


8. Wear Sunglasses

Sunlight exposure can cause damage to the eyes. For this problem, you should wear sunglasses. Choose goggles that help in blocking UV radiation. You can also protect eyes from strong sunlight by wearing wide brim hat.[8]


9. Do Eye Cupping

Eye cupping technique helps in reducing pain and strain in the eyes. For this, you should sit on a chair and keep the hands on a table. Cover the eyes with inverted palms just like a cupping movement. Block light from outside. Do the cupping for ten minutes.[9]


10. Eye Care

Eye care helps in reducing pain and strain on the eyes. For this, you should give rest to the eyes. Keep the eyes closed for some time. Rubbing the eyes can be very harmful so avoid doing this. Make eye pad by joining several pieces of gauze. Place this eye pad over the eyes for some time.[10]



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