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10 Methods To Keep Your Heart Healthy


Methods To Keep Your Heart Healthy

A constantly beating heart is a healthy heart that keeps you alive and to keep it healthy, requires a healthy lifestyle. As you know that only because of the pumping action of heart, the filtered blood reaches to all the parts of the parts. If this blood doesn’t get pumped then the absence of the filtered blood in other parts, and organs can cause their malfunctioning. Therefore, it is vital to keep the heart beating at the normal rate.

A healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart doesn’t mean only consuming healthy food, it also mean cutting down habits that can interfere in the functioning of the heart. Therefore, down here are mentioned 10 tips to keep the heart healthy.

Top 10 Methods For A Healthy Heart

Shun Away From Smoking

Quitting smoking is the best tip one can follow in order to maintain a healthy heart. As smoking causes coronary heart diseases, the chances of heart failure can increase. In order to give up on cigarette, you can start something new and healthy.


Laugh Hard and Often

Laughter is the best medicine for any problem whether internal or external. The same law goes with the heart health too. Laughter boosts heart health and prevent hardening of arteries thus contribute immensely towards cardiovascular health.

Laughing And Smiling

Get Checkup

Will you wait for the heart attack or some heart problem to hit you or seek some doctor to find out the health of your heart? Therefore, don’t delay and take appointment with your doctor for an annual checkup that should include monitoring and testing cholesterol, and measuring blood pressure. Follow the doctor’s advice and turn your body into an abode of healthy heart.

Get Checkup

Get Active

Get up and do some something that involves physical labor. An active body shelters a heart therefore, be active and bust stress and boost your mood. 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity in a week is essential for a healthy heart. Therefore, put yourself in 30 minutes of activity daily. It can include cycling, jogging, running, cardio, etc.

Stay Active

Manage Your Weight

If eating is your passion and skipping beats is the consequence that comes to the heart. Therefore, stick to a whole diet consisting of healthy, balanced, low fat and low sugar food. Don’t forget to indulge into exercise along with a healthy diet.

Faulty weight loss programs

Consume More Fiber

When fiber show their wonder in the body, the heart perform its functioning with utter dedication. As plenty of fiber reduces the risk of heart disease, eat fiber from a wide variety of sources like oats, lentils, breads, potatoes, wholegrain cereals and many more. Fiber also helps you feel full, thus keeping your weight in check.


Cut Down On Saturated Fats

Foods consisting of higher proportion of saturated fats raises the level of cholesterol in the body, which increases the risks of heart disease as a result. If you are keen of non-vegetarian then eat leaner cuts of steak. Also, prefer lower fat dairy products.

Cut Down On Saturated Fats

Shut Down

Sleep is the time, which arranges time for our body to reboot and recover. Only when stress goes away, and we live happy, our heart works efficiently. In case you are not restoring yourself, you won’t feel good, which directly will effect heart. When you are in sleep, heart rate and blood pressure goes back to normal thus arranging the much needed time to the heart.


Cut Down On Salt

For a healthy blood pressure, requires less intake of salt. Although it will seems little difficult to cut out salt completely but once you try tasting your food without added salt, you will be able to adjust without that. You can also check the salt content label at the back of each foods you buy. Make sure you don’t buy something that has more than 1.5 g salt per 100 g.


Just Chill

When in stress or under pressure, the body starts responding by ramping up adrenalin, which asks extra effort from heart. Therefore, you can find ways to chill out like walking on the treadmill or rolling out on yoga mat. In case, stress turns out to be too much, go for hang out with friends or share your feeling with them.

Daily Morning Walk


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