10 Natural Ways To Keep The Flies Away

Natural Ways To Keep The Flies Away

Flies are everywhere and carry many germs with them! If you have garden in your home, open huge windows and doors in your home, it is natural to have a lot of flies in your home. The house flies are very annoying as they can cause disease such as cholera, dengue, typhoid, basic chronic disease etc. It is very important to keep these flies away from the home to save yourself and your family from any such disease! Flies generally stick on the places like the dustbins, garbage storage, also they are found in the trees, plants etc. thus you need to try some cool home remedies to keep the flies away. These remedies are promising and would help in fighting the flies effectively!

1. Camphor Cubes:

Camphor is a herbal ingredient filled with amazing properties. It consists of herbs and organic elements which can fight the flies and keep them away! Light up the camphor cubes and let the smoke spread everywhere in your home. Within minutes, all the flies and mosquitoes would run out of your house due to its strong and effective fragrance!

Camphor Cubes

2. Basil Leaves:

The scientific reason of lacing a cool basil plant in home is to protect your home from such insects and allow fresh air to move in your hair! Basil is a strong plant with an amazing fragrance which keeps flies away from your home. Get a basil plant, place it near the windows and prevent your home form flies!

Basil Leaves

3. Lavender Oil:

Essential oils are awesome for the flies. If your home is filled with flies, you can choose any essential oil or lavender roil which has immensely strong fragrance. This would make the flies run away from your home. Spray some lavender oil or peppermint oil in the home and you would get awesome results!

Lavender Oil

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

This is an organic ingredient with a sharp and strong fragrance. The flies won’t be able to fight this smell and would fall down one by one! If you want a natural way to kill and fight the house flies, use the apple cider vinegar sprays and keep flies at a distance! Also spray this liquid in your bedrooms, living room and places with plants to keep flies away!

5. Garlic Water:

Garlic has extremely strong and pungent smell for the insects. This smell is enough to kill al; the bacteria and flies roaming in your home. Boil some garlic in water and sue this water for spraying. Within just few minutes, the flies and insects would run away keeping your house clean and free!

Garlic Water

6. Cucumber Slices:

If you have a garbage storage in your home, place the cucumber slices on these garbage bags until they are removed. This helps in fighting the flies and also it prevents the insects to lay eggs and get their quantity tripled! Placing cucumbers in your windows and fight flies from coming inside!

Cucumber Slices

7. Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper is one of the strongest and tough ingredients which are very beneficial to kill the insects. If you have a lots of flies in your home, use cayenne pepper to kill them and get you home free! Mix some cayenne pepper and water and spray this solution in your home to fight flies and insects!

Cayenne Pepper

8. Dish Soap Spray:

If you want an effective spray which can fight flies, use the dish wash soap spray. Your dish wash soap consists of the chemicals and bacteria which can fight flies and keep them away from your home. Melt your dish wash soap and add water. Spray this in your home and say bye to flies forever! Try this awesome method to fight flies and you would notice the difference soon!

Dish Soap Spray

9. Cloves:

Cloves have a strong and crisp smell, with this sharp and extremely strong fragrance, the flies would go away and you would get your disease free home soon! Cloves have a strong fragrance which can make the flies fall down and run away! Use the cloves on your windows and the flies won’t be able to enter your home!


10. Fresh Orange Peel:

Orange peel is one of the effective ways to fight the flies. Fresh orange peels have the citrus fragrance which can fight the flies and make them stay away from your home. If you are facing the trouble of flies constantly, use the fresh orange peel to fight the flies and keep them away. This rich sour and citrus smell keeps the flies at a bay! You can also put the fresh orange peels in a muslin cloth and place it in the surroundings of your home

Fresh Orange Peel

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