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10 Serious Side Effects Of Acai Berry



10 Serious Side Effects Of Acai Berry

Acai palm is the palm tree of genus Eutrepe. The fruit of the palm tree is commonly known as acai berry. The acai tree is mainly originated from Brazil and Trinidad. The fruit of the acai tree, acai berry is small, round and purple in color. The tree is mainly grown in swamps and floodplains. Acai berry has various health benefits and hence makes a very famous fruit. Acai berry is mainly used in the preparation of various kinds of desserts, jellies and ice creams.The various health benefit of acai berry includes it aids in weight loss, makes your body resistant to harmful organisms, makes your heart health and helps in preventing various cardiovascular diseases, helps in digestion, boosts your immunity and many more. Acai berries are high in antioxidants and hence it also helps to get rid of all the free radicals from the body. In spite of having various health benefits, you will be surprised to know that acai berry have some serious side effects as well.

Here Are Some Serious Side Effects That You Must Be Aware Of:

Pregnancy Problem

Daily intake of acai berry, the fruit of acai palm tree is very much harmful during pregnancy because excessive consumption of acai berry can cause irregular or abnormal activities of the reproductive organs and also stimulates the uterine contraction in females which might be harmful to the fetus and in some serious cases it might also lead to miscarriage. Lactating women should also avoid having acai berry as it might be harmful to infants.


Allergic Reactions

Some persons are prone to allergy with pollen fruits. One such is pollen fruit is acai berries. Eating acai berries can cause hypersensitivity reactions like swelling of mouth, lips, tongues associated with other kind of allergic reaction like itching, rashes, swelling etc. People may also suffer from various respiratory problems. Any serious allergic reactions or symptoms observed must be consulted with the doctor immediately.

Allergic Reactions

Gastrointestinal Problems Like Diarrhea

Although acai berries are very much helpful for proper digestion, but excessive intake of the fruit of acai palm tree can cause gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea. Various clinical studies of acai berries by various scientists round the globe have shown that acai berries causes irritation in the intestinal tract and in the colon which ultimately causes diarrhea. Severe diarrhea is accompanied by muscular cramps, abdominal pains, improper bowel movements and in most severe cases dehydration can also occur.

Good for Gastrointestinal Health

Increases Blood Pressure

Acai berries are not suitable for the persons having very high blood pressure. The sodium content of acai berries which most people don’t know will increase the blood pressure leading to complicated health problems. The increased blood pressure might lead to complicated cardiovascular diseases. Excess intake of the fruit of acai palm trees enhances the effect of vasodialator in the body which also decreases the blood pressure which can be dangerous for your health.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

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Liver Damage

Consumption of acai berries within a particular range is very much beneficial for the liver. But consuming too much of the acai berries supplements which contains Echinacea, an herb which causes liver inflammation which ultimately lead to liver damage. The acai berries affects the enzymes of the liver which ultimately leads to liver dysfunction and also increases the bile secretion in the liver.

Liver Damage

Not Suitable For Weight Loss

Although people eat acai berries for weight loss but it is not at all suitable for the persons who are suffering from obesity or those who are overweight or underweight. The acai berries also suppresses the appetite.

Faulty weight loss programs

Increased Blood Sugar Level

Acai berries may be low in carbohydrate content, but it is not at all a suitable for the diabetic patients. The sugary flavor of the acai berries increases the blood sugar level. The supplements for the acai berries are very much dangerous for the diabetic patients.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

Suppressed Blood Clotting

The supplements of acai berry contain garlic, ginger and feverfew which make the blood thin and cause severe bleeding even for small cut. The blood clotting activities are also suppressed due to excessive intake of any supplement of acai berries containing the above mentioned ingredients.

Blood Clotting Disorder

Suppressed Immunity

Excessive intake of acai berries suppresses the immune system. The body gets weak and prone to various harmful diseases which can be fatal sometimes.

Weakens Immunity

Drug Interactions

Acai berries interact with various anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and suppress the effect of the same. It also blocks effectives of cancer medications. It is always advisable not to have any acai berries when in taking the above mentioned medications.

Take Medicines

Acai berries is also responsible for the outbreak of American trypanosomiasis or Chagas Disease


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