10 Shower Mistakes You’re Making

Shower Mistakes You’re Making

Most of us like to take a shower at the end of the day after returning from work. It helps in cleaning the body and getting rid of dirt from the skin. A warm shower is also a good way of relaxing after a tired day with stress. The skin covers the entire body and it is very sensitive. It hosts the good and friendly bacteria that improve our health. Taking a shower removes the good bacteria causing acne and skin damage. Also, it may damage the hair. Before you take a shower, think of the right way to do it. We make many mistakes while taking a shower. Knowing these mistakes will help us in identifying what we are doing wrong. We can then avoid the mistakes and make our body healthy. We will tell you about some shower mistakes that people make.

Following Are The 10 Shower Mistakes You’re Making:

1. Taking Shower With Very Hot Water:

It is a mistake to take a shower with very hot water. People take a hot shower in cold weather and winters but it can damage the skin as well as hair. Hot water removes the natural oils of the skin. The skin becomes dry, red, itchy and inflamed with a hot shower. There are flakes and rashes on the skin. The hair can become frizzy. Thus, avoid a hot shower. Take a cold or lukewarm shower.

Taking Shower With Very Hot Water

2. Using Old Sponges And Loofahs And Not Changing Them:

Using a sponge or loofah continuously for a long time in the shower can cause skin damage. Sponge and loofah have deposition of dead skin cells as well as bacteria. If it is kept in a humid bathroom, there is further growth of germs in the loofah. Thus, avoid rubbing the skin with old sponges and loofahs. Change them at frequent intervals and replace them with new ones. Use antibacterial sponge.

Using Old Sponges And Loofahs And Not Changing Them

3. Overusing Shower Gels And Body Wash:

Overuse of shower gel for taking a shower removes the natural oils of our body. Due to this, there can be a problem of dryness and itching in the skin. The overuse of body wash can have similar damage in the skin although it helps in forming a lather. Do not use shower gel too much. Also, avoid the overuse of body wash during a shower.

Overusing Shower Gels And Body Wash

4. Not Rinsing The Hair:

Not rinsing the hair during a shower can cause hair damage and scalp irritation. It is important to rinse the hair before applying a shampoo. Rinse the hair with water for a minute pre-shampoo for getting rid of dirt and harmful residues of hair products you use. Apply the shampoo and rinse the hair well after that too. Ensure that the hair is free of shampoo residues.

Not Rinsing The Hair

5. Scrubbing The Skin Very Hard With A Loofah:

Scrubbing the skin with a loofah very hard and aggressively while taking a shower is a mistake that causes the production of extra sebum. Sebum while moisturizing the skin also causes harm by attracting dirt and bacteria. This makes the skin very oily with too much sebum. Thus, avoid rubbing and scrubbing hard with a loofah. Scrub very gently and softly.

Scrubbing The Skin Very Hard With A Loofah

6. Using Sodium Hydroxide Soaps:

If you use soaps with sodium hydroxide while taking a shower, it causes dryness of the skin. The skin can also become very oily leading to acne. Such soaps spoil the skin pH levels. Thus, avoid using soaps that have sodium hydroxide. Use healthy alternatives like coconut milk and honey for washing the face. Use natural soaps for the body.

Using Sodium Hydroxide Soaps

7. Changing The Shampoo And Skipping The Conditioner:

Changing the shampoo frequently in a shower can cause hair damage. Use a shampoo continuously without changing it. Do not change the shampoos every now and then. Protect the hair from hair breakage by applying a conditioner after a shampoo. Do not skip the conditioner.

Changing The Shampoo And Skipping The Conditioner

8. Not Moisturizing After A Shower:

If you are not applying a moisturizer on the face post shower, you are doing a mistake. The skin becomes dry and dehydrated with a shower. It is important to moisturize and hydrate the skin right after a shower. You can also use an in-shower moisturizer for best results. Choose a good quality moisturizer with hydrating ingredients like Shea butter and cucumber. It will make the skin soft and healthy.

Not Moisturizing After A Shower

9. Scrubbing The Scalp With Fingernails:

A habit of scrubbing the scalp on the head with fingernails during a shower is a mistake that causes hair damage. Due to this, flakes form on the scalp when you scrub hard on the scalp to make lather with the shampoo. It leads to split ends and other hair problems. Do not scrub the scalp with fingernails during a shampoo in a shower. Use fingertips for this.

Scrubbing The Scalp With Fingernails

10. Standing In Dirty Shower Water:

If you stand in the dirty water of the shower, you are committing a mistake. The drain can sometimes become blocked and clogged with hair strands causing dirty water to fill in the shower area. Do not clean the clogged drains. Use a hair stopper on the shower drain. Allow the shower water to drain naturally instead of standing and working with dirty water.

Scrubbing The Scalp With Fingernails

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