10 Simple Exercises For Puffy Eyes

We all know that following a regular beauty regime will provide us with great results for the skin. But what if this beautiful skin of yours gets marred by the puffy dark circled eyes of yours. You must have followed some tips for getting rid of these too. But, if those have not worked, then I will suggest you to go for the following simple asanas for your eyes. These asanas will not only give you respite from strained painful eyes but will also help to get rid of swollen eyes too. So, do these asanas regularly and get those perfect alluring eyes.

10 Simple Exercises For Puffy Eyes

1. Up And Down Eye Rotation

Sit on the yoga mat with legs stretched and the spine kept straight. Now, close the right fist and rest it on the right knee. Fix your gaze at an object in front of you and then without moving your head gaze up the ceiling and then bring your eyeballs back to the object in front of you. Then again, take your gaze to the floor and bring it back to the object in front of you again. Repeat this for 10 cycles.


2. Sideways Eye Rotation

Seat yourself on the yoga mat in Padmasana or Sukhasana position. Stretch out the arms with the fists kept closed and keep the gaze fixed on the thumb. Now, bring the hands close to the face and keep them spaced between the eyebrows. Move the hands to the right along with which your gaze should also follow without moving the head. Bring the hands and eyes back to the original position and do the same with the left side. Do this for 10 cycles and then rest your eyes.


3. Clockwise And Anti-clockwise Eye Rotation

Sit on the yoga mat in Padmasana or Sukhasana position. Keep the left palm rested on the left knee and lift the right fist above the right knee keeping the thumb facing the ceiling and the elbow kept straight. While focusing on the thumb and making it go upwards, let your eyeballs move in a clockwise direction. Do the same for making the eyeballs go in an anticlockwise direction. Do this for 5 cycles.


4. Palming

Sit in a comfortable position on a mat or on a chair. Rub the palms vigorously to feel the heat coming off from them. Then place the palms over the eyes to feel the heat generated by rubbing the palms together.


5. Trataka

Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana position on the yoga mat. Place an object, at about two feet away from where you are seated, right in front of you. Fix the gaze on this object for as long as you can.


6. Eye Massage

Close your eyes and with the help of the tip of the middle or ring finger massage the outer corner of the eyes in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Then relax the eyes and repeat for 4 to 5 times.


7. Massage Your Temples

Slightly massage the temples with the index finger of both the hands. Do this for 2-3 minutes everyday to reduce puffiness of the eyes.


8. Blink Eyes Vigorously After Sleep

Sometimes, sleeping too much also leads to swollen eyes. In such cases, blink the eyes vigorously for a couple of seconds to make the fluid get moving that accumulates within the nerves of the eyes.


9. Massage The Eye Sockets

With the ring finger, massage the outer sockets of both the eyes to reduce bagginess and get clear vision.


10. Clock Exercise

Stand in front of a clock and make your eye balls move from 12 to 1 and then 1 to 2. Do this up to the number 12 written on the clock. Then close your eyes and rest for a few seconds. Repeat the same for anti clock wise motion by moving the eyes from 12 to 11, then 11 to 10 and finally up to 1.


Take breaks in between while watching TV or working in front of the computer. Do not make yourself to stay awake at late nights. Reduce or stop alcohol and smoking. How much ever tired you are, always remember to remove eye makeup before going to bed. Do these exercises and follow the above simple steps everyday to get rid of those shrunken baggy eyes that ruin all your efforts to look the beautiful you.


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