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10 Simple Health Checks You Can Do At Home

 Health Checks

Medical expenses are rising these days with more and more people spending a large amount of money on the treatment of diseases. Many diseases can be prevented and treated in proper time if detected in early stages. The sad fact is that most people remain unaware that they suffer from disease. The reason for this is not getting regular medical checkups done. It is important to do annual medical tests for finding if you have any health problem. It is possible to do some health checkups at home yourself. It will help in detecting diseases early. We will explain how you can do this. Following are the 10 simple health checks you can do at home.

10 Simple Health Checks You Can Do At Home:

Body Temperature

It is easy to measure the body temperature at home with the help of a digital thermometer. The normal temperature range is 95-101 degrees. Temperature higher than this is a sign of fever and other illness. Note the increase and decrease of body temperature.

Iron deficiency

Body Weight

An increased body weight is a sign of obesity. Obesity in turn leads to many types of diseases. It is easy to measure weight at home with the help of a weighing machine. Take your weight at regular intervals and take steps to control obesity.

Maintains Bodyweight

Blood Sugar

Diabetes can be detected at home with a glucose monitoring kit. The kit contains a measuring device, some strips and blood-extracting pen. The pen has needle with which you prick the finger and take out blood. Blood is applied on strip and you get the blood sugar levels.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Blood Pressure

The problem of hypertension can be detected very easily with the help of a blood pressure monitor. Use a digital monitoring device for this. Strap the device above the arms and measure the blood pressure. The blood pressure below 180/60 is normal. Do regular testing of blood pressure.

Controls Blood Pressure


Checking the pulse tells the rate at which the heart beats. Sit in a relaxed position on a sofa. Place your fingers on area above the wrist. Count heartbeat for thirty seconds. Multiply the number you get by two. If the number you get is near seventy, it shows normal pulse rate.


Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency anemia can be detected by checking if your palms of hands, gums, and eyelids have become pale in color. It shows poor blood circulation and iron deficiency. If you find paleness in your body, get a medical test done for checking Iron levels.

Iron deficiency

Waist Measurement

Waist measurement is another test that indicates the risk of diseases. Measure the waist with a tape. Men should have waist measurement less than forty inches while thirty-five inches is the maximum waist measurement limit for women.

Waist Measurement


Depression can be detected at home by just asking two questions. The first question is have you felt low, hopeless and depressed for past thirty days? The second question is have you lost interest, enjoyment and pleasure in life for past thirty days? A positive answer to these questions shows that you have depression.


Cancer Due To Moles

Any changes in mole can be a sign of cancer. Check the whole body to see how many moles you have. Record and notice the changes occurring in moles. If you find any abnormal changes, contact your doctor immediately for proper treatment.


Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be detected by women by doing self-breast examination at home. The test is done by pressing the breast with fingers and checking if there is any lump or mass in the breasts. If there is any abnormality, contact your doctor.

breast cancer

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