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10 Tips For Viral Infections

Viruses are microorganisms or germs that cause many types of diseases and health problems in humans. Cold and flu are the most common problems caused by a viral infection. Improving the immunity is the best solution for avoiding and fighting viral infections. Some infections caused by viruses are minor and short term while some are chronic and lasting for a long time. Immunization and medical treatment help in fighting symptoms caused by a viral infection. Diet can also help in this problem. We will share some tips and health remedies for fighting viral diseases.

Following Are The 10 Tips For Viral Infections.

1. Rest, Fluids, And Bath

If the children have a viral infection due to chicken pox and measles, it is important to take rest. Let your child sleep well. Drink a lot of fluids like water, juice, and soup. Take frequent baths. Wear loose clothes. Apply calamine lotion on the skin to get relief from itching caused by chicken pox.[1]


2. Use Wet Compress

If there are skin problems due to viral infections, use a wet compress to deal with the problem. Make a solution with Aluminum acetate and water in a ratio of one to twenty parts. Use lukewarm water. Dip cloth in this solution and apply on the skin like a compress. Do this remedy two or three times daily.[2]

Use Wet Compress

3. Do Body Soak With Oatmeal

If the skin diseases due to viral infections cause skin dryness, do a body soak with lukewarm water. Mix oatmeal with bathwater filled in a tub. Soak the body in this water for ten minutes. Use lukewarm water. Dry the skin and apply a skin emollient.[3]

Do Body Soak With Oatmeal

4. Drink Chicken Soup

If you have fever and cold due to viral infection, you should drink chicken soup to get relief. This is an old remedy used by people since the ancient times. Make chicken soup and drink it hot when you have a cold.[4]

Drink Chicken Soup

5. Take Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C has anti-viral properties and it helps in improving the immunity. It suppresses the viruses in the body thus healing viral infections. Thus, you should take Vitamin C foods and supplements. For this, you can eat foods like citrus fruits like orange and lemons. Take vegetables like peppers and broccoli. You can also eat Brussels sprouts.[5]

Take Vitamin C Foods

6. Eat Yogurt

Probiotic foods like yogurt help in fighting viral infections in the body. It also improves the immunity and this helps in avoiding the attack of the virus. Thus, you should include yogurt in the diet. Eat yogurt daily.[6]


7. Drink Eyebright Tea

Drinking herbal tea made with eyebright helps in fighting viral infections and eye infections. Make the tea by steeping the herb in boiling water or use the tea bags of the eyebright tea. Strain and drink the tea. It will improve the eyesight.[7]

 Drink Eyebright Tea

8. Use Essential Oils

If there are skin problem due to viral infections like thrush, use essential oils for healing the skin. The best oils for this are lavender and chamomile oils. Mix both the oils together. Use these oils after mixing them with almond oil. You can also mix sesame oil with the essential oils. Apply on affected skin areas for a faster healing.[8]

Essential Oils

9. Use Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has antiseptic and antiviral properties and it can be used to heal viral infections. Use the oil externally on skin infections by applying it on the skin with the help of cotton. Apply in on fingernails to heal nail infections.[9]

Oregano Oil

10. Drink Thyme Tea

Thyme tea helps in giving relief in respiratory problems and infections caused by viruses. It helps in expanding the bronchial tubes and decongesting the chest. Drink mild thyme tea one time daily for seven days when you have a respiratory viral problem. It will help in clearing the throat and lungs.[10]

Drink Thyme Tea

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