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10 Warning Signs Of Poor Digestion


10 Warning Signs Of Poor Digestion

The digestive system is one of the core systems f the body. The food which we consume needs to be nicely digested for absorbing the nutrients and to extract maximum benefits out of the foods. The digestive system plays very important role in the body and also affects various other processes o the body. In today’s hectic and fast paced world, we are avoiding the nutritional and healthy diet while consuming junk foods and unhealthy foods in rush.

Also the timings of consuming food gets differed which can result into poor digestion. If you want to stay healthy and food for a longer period, there are numerous things which you need to stoop. For identifying whether or not you have digestion issues.

Here Are Some Signs And Symptoms Which Can Solve Your Confusion:

1. Bad Breath:

Bad breath has a direct connection to the digestive system. If you have bad breath, it indicated that your digestion system is not working properly and food in your body stays undigested. This is one o the most common and assured cause of bad breath. Due to the digestive system issues, your breath would smell bad and pungent. Thus go for a checkup f you have bad breath constantly [1].

2. Body Odor:

Body odor is one another cause which shows you have bad breath. Your body if is suffering from indigestion, can cause bad smell and odor. If your body smells bad all the time, the nutrients in your food are not properly absorbed and the food has not been digested properly and thus has caused body odor! [2]

Body Odor

3. Anemia:

Anemia is directly related to gastrointestinal track of the body. Generally iron deficiency and blood loss is caused due to digestion issues which can get you disease and other concerns. If your digestive tract is unhealthy and does not perform effectively, it can cause digestion issues and anemia [3]. This is a dangerous deficiency which can cause harm to body widely!

4. Brittle Nails And Hair:

Just like your body, your hair and nails require some nourishment, they are too the part of body which has direct relation with the various bodily processes. If you have brittle hair and nails, this showcased you have poor digestive system. The digestive system doesn’t work properly and thus your body is not able to absorb nutrients [4]. This lack of protein, iron and calcium makes your nail and hair brittle!

5. Acne And Pimples:

Your digestive system can affect your sin in numerous ways. The nutrients absorbed from digestion makes the skin more fluffy and nourished. If the nutrients are not absorbed efficiently, it won’t be able to feed your skin and your skin would get affected with various impairments like greasiness and acne. Thus deficiency of vitamins can cause skin issues [5].

6. Food Allergies:

If your digestive system is already stuck up, it can develop food intolerance and allergies. The reactions can make your body and digestive system more weak and you unhealthy [6]. The lack of digestive enzymes would simply cause food allergies and you won’t be able to digest the food naturally!

Food Allergies

7. Constipation:

If you are suffering from constipation and gas troubles regularly, this is due o the impairments in your digestive system. The food which does not get digested effectively would cause stomach cramps, constipation, gas and such troubles [7]. Thus if you are suffering with these issues regularly, your digestive system has some problems you need to identify!

8. Weight Gain Or Loss:

Maintaining the ideal weight is very important. If you gain and lot of weight or lose a lot of weight significantly, this shows that you have some digestive issues. The food which you eat converts into energy and nutrients which gets impossible is you have digestive issues [8]. Thus extreme weight gain and weight loss can be the result of digestive issues in your body!

9. Arthritis:

If your body has some digestion issues, inflammation over the joints and such issues can persist. The doctors have found out that arthritis can also be the result of poor digestion and can cause pain in the joints along with swelling [9]. Thus if you have issues in your digestive system and it is not working efficiently it can cause arthritis and such disease!

10. Sleepiness After Meals:

If you eat your afternoon meals and fee extremely sleepy, this can be a sign of low or poor digestion. The food which you consume gets in your digestive system which is not working effectively. You can also feel bloated and heavy after meals [10]. This shows that you digestive system has some issues and the food is not getting digested properly to generate energy and to absorb minerals!

Sleepiness After Meals


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