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10 Ways Black Cardamom Can Benefit Your Body

 Black Cardamom

Cardamom is an aromatic spice that is frequently used in multiple cuisines to add flavor to the dishes. This spice, mainly used in Indian and Eastern dishes, is fast gaining popularity in the west as well. This spice adds aroma and taste to both spicy as well as sweet dishes. While a good number of people are aware of green cardamom, black cardamom is a spice not many people know about. This version of cardamom is especially used to add flavors to spicy dishes. Apart from adding strong taste, this spice is packed with numerous benefits. You could add cardamom to your diet in a number of ways. There are plenty of dishes that can be made tastier by adding cardamom to them. You could use the ground form of this spice to add in drinks too. You could also add this spice to tea and many other beverages and consume it. Adding this spice to drinks not only proves to be a good refreshment, but can also provide you with a number of health benefits. You could also chew cardamom seeds to reap their benefits.

In This Article, We Are Going To See Some Major Benefits Of Black Cardamom:

1. Gastrointestinal Health:

Black cardamom is extremely effective at boosting gastrointestinal health. It helps the gastric glands and intestinal glands secret the enzymes necessary for proper digestion. It regulates the process of secretion of digestive juices and also helps in keeping the stomach acids under control. If you regularly face gastric problems including heartburn and stomach cramps, adding a bit of this spice to your dishes can help you in curing these effectively. This spice contains important components that can provide you relief from constipation and can boost your appetite. Consuming black cardamom regularly has been proven to be a effectual method of dealing with bloating and abdominal gases.

 Gastrointestinal Health

2. Combating Cancer:

Black cardamom contains many anti-oxidants. The most important of them, Diindolylmethane and Indole-3-Carbinol, can help in fighting the production of cancerous cells in many organs including colon, breast and prostate. This spice also contains properties that increases the amount of glutathione in the body, which in turn helps in killing cells that can cause cancer.

Combating Cancer

3. Cardiovascular Health:

Black cardamom is an important spice if you need want to boost the health of your heart. Regular intake of this spice can help in preventing a large number of cardio vascular diseases. It controls the cardiac rhythm and this in turn keeps the heart healthy. This spice is also effective in reducing the probabilities of blood clot. The components present in this spice help in regulating the blood pressure.

Cardiovascular Health

4. Provides Respiratory Relief:

If you often suffer from respiratory problems, then regular consumption of this spice might be the solution to all your problems. These seeds can help in curing a number of problems by warming the respiratory tract and allowing easy passage of air in the lungs. This spice can help in treating a number of issues like Asthma, Bronchitis, Whooping cough etc. This spice also provides great relief when you are suffering from cold and can help you soothe the throat.

Respiratory Relief

5. Dental Health:

Cardamom is getting increasingly popular as an ingredient in a number of toothpastes. This spice is one of the few natural ingredients that are effective in treating a number of dental problems. It can fight a number of infections and helps keep the bacteria away. In addition to keeping the teeth healthy, black cardamom is also a powerful ingredient in maintaining the health of the gums. It can also act as a natural mouth freshener and can keep the breath fresh for longer hours.

Dental Health

6. Urinal Health:

Spices are important to keep the urinary tract healthy and working. It helps in preventing dehydration and maintains a healthy water balance in the body. This spice has natural diuretic properties that combat multiple urinary infections. Adding this spice to different dishes and drinking enough amounts of water is the best way to keep your urinary tract healthy and fresh.

Urinal Health

7. Detoxifies The Body:

Detoxifying the body regularly is important to keep the different organ systems healthy. Consuming the spice can help the body in flushing out the toxins regularly. Including black cardamom to your diet helps in getting rid of free radicals and dangerous fluids from the body. You could add the cardamom seeds to your dishes or tea or you could simply chew a few cardamom seeds after every meal to help your body detoxify on a regular basis.

Detoxifies The Body

8. For Healthy Skin:

Using cardamom, both internally and externally can help in making your skin look healthier and smoother. Cardamom is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and many necessary minerals (Potassium). Regular consumption of cardamom, hence, can remove toxins from the skin and regulates the flow of blood to the skin. This eventually helps in improving the heath of the skin. It also has components and antioxidants that can keep aging at bay. External application can keep the skin clean and can also help you achieve fairer complexion. It also has antibacterial properties which can help deal with skin allergies.

Healthy Skin

9. For Healthy Hair:

Cardamom is rich in anti oxidants. Eating foods that contain enough amounts of cardamom or applying it externally by applying cardamom oil can boost the health of your hair. The antioxidants and minerals present in these spices are effective at treating the scalp and provide necessary nourishment to the hair strands. Applying cardamom oil to the scalp is a good way to keep the roots of the strands strong. When you have to deal with irritated scalp and other infections, applying cardamom oil to the scalp can provide you with great relief.


10. Anesthetic Properties:

This spice is knows for its anesthetic properties and is a popular natural ingredient used for numbing pain. The oil that can be extracted from the seeds of this spice can be used as a sedative. It can be used to treat a lot of pains and can also provide stress relief. You could apply this oil to the area under pain and get constant relief. You can use it as many times as you please without having to worry about the side effects.


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