10 Ways To Use Witch Hazel For Beauty And Health

10 Ways To Use Witch Hazel For Beauty And Health

Obtained from Hamamelis virginiana tree, Witch Hazel has medicinal and astringent properties. The tree bark, as well as leaves, are boiled to get a decoction and it is known as witch hazel. It is used all over the world for healing skin problem like irritation, swelling, sores and for cleansing the skin. Witch hazel is a natural beauty product that is free of chemical ingredients. Thus, use it if you want to have a natural skin without damaging the skin. Witch hazel can be used on the face for healing different types of skin problems. We will explain some uses for the face.

Following Are The 10 Ways To Use Witch Hazel For Beauty And Health:

1. Use As An Astringent:

Use witch hazel as an astringent for healing sores and poison oak and ivy on the face. For this, make a tincture with it. Mix witch hazel with five drops lukewarm water and make a tincture. You can also add eight ounces or less amount of water. Dip a cloth in the liquid and apply the tincture on affected areas for five minutes. It will dry the sores or marks of poison oak.


2. Use For Lines, Wrinkles, Pores, And Makeup Removal:

Witch hazel can help in fighting lines and wrinkles on the face. For daily use of witch hazel for wrinkles, dip cotton in it apply on the face with a swiping movement. This will also help in shrinking pores. Use the same method to remove makeup on the face.



3. Use For Sunburn:

Use witch hazel to heal sunburn on the face. Dip a washcloth in the witch hazel liquid. Apply it on affected areas of the face over the sunburn. The astringent property of witch hazel helps in soothing sunburn.


4. Use For Acne:

Acne on the face can be healed by using witch hazel with thyme. You need to steep the thyme for this. Pour one fourth cup witch hazel in a bottle. Add two-tablespoon dry thyme herb. Shake the bottle and leave it for twenty minutes till the liquid become light brown in color. Strain it or use without straining. Apply the liquid over acne-affected areas of the face. Do this remedy two times daily in morning and night.


5. Use For Swollen Gums:

Witch hazel is good for healing swollen gums. It reduces the swelling in the gums. Make a mouth rinse with it by mixing witch hazel with water. Rinse the mouth with it to heal swollen gums.


6. Use For Dark Circles:

Heal the problem of dark circles under the eyes by using witch hazel. Dip cotton in witch hazel. Close the eyes and apply the cotton on the skin below the skin over the dark circles. Leave for twenty minutes.

Dark Circles

7. Use For Sore Throat, Laryngitis:

Heal a sore throat by using witch hazel as a gargle. Mix it with water and do gargling with the solution. It will also help in fighting the problem of laryngitis.

Sore Throat

8. Use For Red, Tired And Puffy Eyes:

Reduce redness, tiredness, and puffiness in the eyes by using witch hazel. For this, dip cotton piece or cotton pads in witch hazel and keep it in a refrigerator so that it becomes cold and chilled. Close your eyes and place the cold cotton pads on it for twenty minutes.

Puffy Eyes

9. Use As A Toner:

Use witch hazel as a toner. For this, use an undiluted form of witch hazel. Wash the face with water and soap. Dip cotton n witch hazel and apply on the face. Leave the skin as it is without washing or rinsing it.



10. Use For Eye Stress:

Reduce eye stress by using witch hazel. Take witch hazel and keep it in the refrigerator to cool and chill it. Take it out and bathe your eyes with this chilled witch hazel liquid to reduce eye stress.

 Eye Stress

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