11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Tea


Drinking Fennel Tea

Fennel seeds are highly popular from last few centuries for offering various health benefits to its consumer. Fennel is a type of aromatic plant which is blessed with outstanding anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, culinary and medicinal properties which will protect your body against different types of health complexions. Tea made from the extracted seeds of fennel seeds is equally beneficial for health because of its richness in antioxidants and other nutrients required for the better digestive function, eye health and improved immunity. Fennel tea is also a rich source of natural amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin B group and Vitamin C that makes your diet more nutritious and balanced.

Here Are Health Benefits Of Fennel Tea That Will Definitely Make You A Great Lover This Nutritious Supplement:

1. Eases Digestion:

Fennel tea is very good for easing the digestion process by improving the flow of blood through the digestive tract. Fennel tea gives relaxation to the cells of bile and muscles thereby protecting your body against pain aroused due to complex stomach problems like bloating and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. It improves overall health of gastrointestinal tract with its fiber constituent and also gives relief from gastric problem comfortably.


2. Improves Heart Health:

Fennel tea is too good for promoting heart health of its regular consumer thereby improving the function of your liver. It lowers the cholesterol level and safeguards your body against heart problems with its fiber content. Fennel richness in potassium also helps in controlling the blood pressure which reduces effect on nerves causing stress and hypertension which is also associated with heart problems.

 Heart Health

3. Good For Gums Health:

Fennel tea is very effective in reducing the inflammation and pain of gums aroused due to germs attack on the gums. Fennel tea richness in Vitamin C improves gums health and kills the germs that usually get hidden in the corner while brushing.

Gums Health

4. Removes Diabetes:

Drinking of fennel tea twice a day is highly recommended for patients suffering from Type 2diabetes as it has an ability to lower their blood sugar level to great extent. Its richness in potassium and fiber content works well in increasing the insulin sensitivity which is utmost needed for lowering diabetes effect.


5. Helps In Weight Loss:

Fennel tea is very helpful for attaining fast weight loss and is highly preferred by persons following any weight loss regime. Drinking 1 cup of fennel tea offers feeling of fuller to the stomach thereby reducing the craving for hunger. Fennel tea also lowers the serum glucose levels that plays a vital role in suppression appetite thereby helping in attaning fat weight loss.

 Weight Loss

6. Removes Respiratory Problems:

Fennel tea also works well in removing respiratory problems thereby offering calmness to the spasms residing in the respiratory system. Medicinal properties of fennel tea is very effective in removing symptoms of all types of respiratory disorders including catarrh, chronic coughs and bronchitis.

Respiratory Problems

7. Boosts Immune System:

Fennel tea is an amazing immunity booster due to its richness in Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants that offers utmost strength to the immune system. It promotes the T- cells production which is responsible for improving immune response with its selenium and Vitamin A constituent. Fennel tea also contains some outstanding antimicrobial properties that lowers the cholesterol and increases ability of body to fight against diseases.


8. Gives Relief From Arthritis:

Fennel tea is too good for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis and other associated inflammatory health complexions with its anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties. Drinking of fennel tea promotes the function of antioxidant called ‘superoxide dismutase’ that reduces the irritation and inflammation on the liver, kidney, heart and stomach of its consumer.


9. Improves Eye-sight:

Fennel tea is too good for improving eye health of its consumer and is widely preferred as a eye tonic by patients suffering from eye complexions. It is a fact that the rate of metabolism is very high in eyes which is boosted more with Vitamin C content and antioxidant protection given by fennel tea. Drinking of fennel tea is too much beneficial in lowering the negative effects of macular degeneration on eyes which is a common cause of conjunctive eyes.


10. Improves Hormonal Balance:

Fennel tea also boosts hormonal balance especially among women undergoing pregnancy period. Fennel tea contains a special compound called ‘phytoestrogen’ that reduces the symptoms associated with the hormonal imbalance. Drinking of fennel tea balances the hormone of glandular system and thyroid by forming the enzyme called ‘progesterone’ on its consumer body.

Hormonal Balance

11. Protects From Cancer:

Drinking of fennel tea daily in the morning also performs superb anticancer activity on its consumer body. Fennel contains some special bioactive compounds like quercetin that safeguards your body against formation of cancerous cells. The fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants present in fennel helps in cleaning of colon thereby reducing risk of occurring breast or colorectal cancer.



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