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11 Benefits Of Including Anise Into Your Diet


Anise Into Your Diet

Anise is one of the oldest spices known to humanity. This spice was widely used in the Egypt and many other parts of the world. Due to its components that aid in digestion, anise was regularly added to desserts or even liqueurs to expel gas and get rid of all the discomforts caused during digestion.

Anise not only adds a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes, it is also packed with a number of health benefits. The oils present in this spice is effective at curbing all digestion related problems and these oils also add a unique taste to the dishes.

1. Digestion:

As we have already mentioned multiple number of times, anise is an excellent spice to use when you regularly suffer from digestive problems. Adding this spice to as many dishes as possible can help make the digestion in your body run smoothly. Due to its taste, it can be added to both sweet and savory dishes. It dispels a lot of digestive problems like gas, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain etc. Using it regularly can make your digestive system stronger.


2. Insomnia:

Anise is a good spice to use when you have trouble falling asleep. The oils present in this spice can soothe the nerves to a large extent and this eventually helps us fall asleep. Taking anise in small quantities before sleeping can help in treating a large number of sleeping disorders. You could add a pinch of anise to a warm glass of milk or if the flavor is too strong for you, you could add this to a cup of tea with few drops of honey added to it. Avoid boiling the anise seeds too much since this could make the seeds lose their oils. Adding substances like honey or cinnamon can remove the bitter taste of the seeds.


3. Asthma And Other Respiratory Diseases:

Spices are generally effective substances to treat respiratory problems and anise is no exception. Using anise regularly in your foods can make your respiratory system stronger and can cure a lot of problems. It also treats problems as serious as asthma and provides instant relief. Adding anise to your teas and soups during cold is also a nice and natural way of fighting cold and relieves blocked nose. They are also added in a lot of cough mixtures and lozenges. It can also cure a sore throat. They are good expectorants and can boost the respiratory health.


4. Antibacterial And Antimicrobial Properties:

Anise has a lot of components that work as effective antibacterial and antimicrobial substances. In a few studies conducted, it has been proved that anise extracts effectively hinder the development of bacterial strains and also those of virus and many kinds of fungi. Taking anise regularly drastically brings down the risk of catching any illness caused due to microbes. After contracting any sickness, it is advised to take anise as it can help the body in killing these microbes.

Antibacterial And Antimicrobial Properties


5. Boosting Lactation:

Taking anise regularly has been proven to improve lactation in young mothers. Star anise consists of important components like diantheole and photoantheole. These components have gentle estrogenic effects on the body that can boost the lactation levels in these mothers. As they can gently increase the estrogen levels in the body, it can also ease the pain one suffers during menstruation. Although a great spice to use when you need a boost of estrogen, avoid consuming anise during pregnancy.

Boosting Lactation

6. Dental Health And Fresh Breath:

Anise is one of the best herbs to use when you want to maintain good oral health. They can make the teeth strong and can also fight plenty of gum diseases. Its anti microbial and anti bacterial properties makes it an excellent addition to mouth washes. Consumption of this spice is good for the gums and can bring down oral swelling. It can also help you deal with bad breath and keeps your mouth fresh for longer duration.

 Dental Health

7. For Skin:

The essential oils present in this spice is additionally used to cleanse the skin. Regular application of this oil on the skin can bring down the skin disorders and can also provide a natural glow to the skin. It can also reduce moderate acne and can clear the blemishes on the skin. Direct application of anise oils on the skin can be harmful and can be too much for the skin to handle. Instead, reap the benefits of this anise oil by adding it in small quantities to face packs and lotions.


8. For Infants:

Babies often suffer from digestive problems that can be difficult to treat. Trying to treat problems like vomiting and stomach pains in babies using medicines can be tricky since they can sometimes have some serious side effects. Adding anise in small quantities to their food can ease their pain in an efficacious way. Make sure you add them in the right quantities since it can be very bitter.


9. Regulating Menstruation:

We have already mentioned that anise oils contain important components like diantheole and photoantheole. These substances can subtly increase the estrogen levels in the body and this can be extremely beneficial to the female body. Apart from increasing lactation among young mothers and libido, it can also provide relief to girls whose menstruation cycles are painful. Regular consumption of this spice can decrease period cramps and mood swings that one usually suffers with during periods. Taking a lot of mental stress can disrupt the menstruation cycle. In times like this, taking anise is suggested as it can make the menstruation cycles regular.


10. Anti Epileptic And Anti Hysteric:

Anise oils have both sedative and narcotic properties. Due to these properties, it can lessen the effects of epilepsy and hysteric attacks. These oils can successfully lessen the effects of these attacks by reducing blood circulation, respiration as well as nervous response when taken in greater dosages. The sedative properties of the oils present in anise can treat a number of nervous conditions, convulsions and hyper responses. Keep in mind that while these oils can be very potent in providing sedation, they can have some side effects as well, especially in little kids.

Anti Epileptic And Anti Hysteric

11. Natural Pain Killer:

Anise is a natural pain killer. It can provide instant relief from a number of pains including joint pains and muscle pains. People who are suffering from rheumatism and arthritis can regularly consume this spice in order to ease their pain. This works because the oils present in this spice can boost blood circulation which can immediately bring down the pain. This spice has antispasmodic properties which can provide instant relief from muscle pains caused by spasms.

Natural Pain Killer


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