11 Diabetes Friendly Superfruits

Diabetes has become common lifestyle or inherited disease. Today it has started affecting from younger age. Lifestyle, less activity and junk food like burger, sweets are diabetes main contributors. We need to be socially aware for controlling or preventing diabetes. Most doctors recommend active lifestyle, healthy diet, yoga and fiber rich fruits for Maintaining diabetes. High fiber fruits with low glycemic index can till some extent control blood sugar and diabetes. Its time to learn about new superfruits.

Here Are Fruits For Diabetes

1. Apple- Medically suggested Fruit

Word apple brings to mind saying an apple a day keeps doctor away. The fiber, good antioxidants and vitamin c in apple makes it low in calories hence healthy. An American journal suggests Apple can prevent and reduce type 2 diabetes and control blood sugar. These facts makes it must in our diet [1].


2. Berry- Ideal diabetic superfruit

Berries like blueberry, raspberry, cranberry are everyone’s choice and new diabetes superfood. Diabetes needs good glucose production and berries aide in process of glucose processing. Berry also successfully manages blood sugar, lowers and reduces type 2 diabetes. Berry being source of antioxidants and low in calorie is essential fruit for diabetics [2].

Acai Berry

3. Cherry- Most vital fruit

Cherries are important fruit. Insulin is vital and anthocyanins in cherry improves Insulin production by 50%. Antioxidants and low carbohydrates in cherry makes this important fruit for diabetics. consumption of 12 cherries  is good for health [3].


4. Guava- Healthy seasonal fruit

Guavas are good seasonal fruit which prevents diabetes. Being low in sugar and rich in vitamin c guava efficiently decreases type 2 diabetes risk. When in season guava should be a must choice [4].


5. Kiwi- Powerhouse of health

The uniqueness of kiwi lies in its taste and health benefits. This powerfruit is great source of potassium, fiber and vitamin c. Potassium in kiwi balances sodium helping in blood pressure management. Kiwi is ideal for diabetics as it has very low carbohydrates. Some doctors suggest one kiwi daily for good health and diabetes control [5].


6. Papaya- Antioxidants powerhous

A fruit available in anyone’s kitchen. All fruits contain antioxidants but papaya has most natural antioxidants. The minerals in papaya decreases diabetes, obstructs future cell damages. It also prevents or slows down diabetes progression. Papaya can be safely consumed for healthier life [6].


7. Pear- Vital diet’s part

This is another seasonal fruit with health benefits. Pear is boon for diabetics as its low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. Alternatively pear also improves insulin insensitivity therefore preventing diabetes. This can be ideal choice for breakfast [7].


8. Peach- Great health benefits

These summer fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Vitamin a, c, and low carbohydrates in peach helps in removing toxins from system. Research shows high potassium, fiber are capable of reducing stomach ulcers and kidney problemsThese qualities make peach healthy and good health giver [8].


9. Pomegranate- Highly beneficial fruit

Pomegranate is universally known as healthy fruit. Amongst all fruits pomegranate has maximum antioxidants. These vital antioxidants prevents against chronic diseases and protects against free radicals. Pomegranate must be consumed daily hence must in diet [9].


10. Muskmelon- Powerhouse of health

Muskmelons are healthy and loaded with nutrients. Muskmelon is powerhouse of vitamin a, b, c, potassium, magnesium and fiber. These aide in regulating blood sugar thereby curbing diabetes. The qualities of muskmelon makes it best fruit for good health [10].


11. Orange- World’s healthiest food

Orange is  healthy fruit with most vitamin c. Orange acts as protective shield in diabetes. The acids like flavonods, flavanones and phenolic give enhanced protection. Regular consumption of citrus fruits slows glucose updates inhibiting movement in intestines and liverLow carbohydrates in orange makes it safest fruit for diabetics [11].


Fruits are needed and vital for anyone including diabetics. People having diabetes have misconcenptions and are sceptical about fruits. These powerfruits for diabetes till some extent can clear doubts. Doctors also suggest consuming these fruits for keeping body toxin free. These fruits can be safely consumed in
diabetes or for diabetes prevention.

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