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11 Diet Tips For Chronic Pain


Body pain affects many people all over the world. Pain in the muscles and joints is an unbearable condition that causes discomfort and inconvenience to a person. People take medical treatment to deal with this problem. Medicines do give relief to some extent but they don’t heal the pain completely. Changing the diet can help a lot in reducing pain and giving relief to the patient. Some foods have the property to reduce pain. If you suffer from body pain, you should include these foods in your diet. We will suggest some diet tips and pain reducing foods.

Following Are The 11 Diet Tips For Chronic Pain:

1. Use Ginger

Ginger is a rich source of ingredients that help in reducing body pain by fighting inflammation.[1] It helps in giving relief in arthritis pain just like NSAID drugs used for pain management in arthritis. Ginger is also good for joint pain. Thus, eat ginger. Add it to vegetables you eat and make gingerbread cookies with it.


2. Use Celery Seeds

If there is a pain due to joint inflammation, you can eat celery seeds.[2] It helps in decreasing fluid deposition in the joints. Eating these seeds help in reducing body pain. It also helps in cleansing the blood.


3. Use Turmeric

Turmeric is a useful spice that helps in reducing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.[3] It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that heal inflammation in the body. Thus, use turmeric in food. Cook the daily food by adding the spice to it.


4. Use Anise

Anise or sweet funnel helps in giving relief in abdominal pain. It has carminative properties.[4] The spice reduces pain in the stomach region while healing gas and indigestion. Thus, include the spice in your diet. Add it to the foods you eat.


5. Take Foods With Omega 3 Fats

Foods that contain omega 3 fats help in reducing pain in the body. People who have arthritis should eat such foods. Omega 3 fats are a nutrient that fights inflammation.[5] Thus, you should eat fatty fish and vegetarian foods that contain this nutrient.

Eat Foods With Omega 3 Fats

6. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in healing pain caused by inflammation due to arthritis.[6] The vinegar contains Vitamin C, a nutrient that reduces inflammation. Mix the vinegar with an equal amount of honey. Add lukewarm water to this and drink it. Do this remedy one time daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

7. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil helps in improving blood circulation in the body, which heals chronic pain.[7] Instead of using saturated fats, you should use olive oil for cooking the daily food you eat. Use it for stir frying veggies and other dishes. Take it with bread or toast.

Olive Oil

8. Take Low Carbohydrate Low Sugar Diet

People who have body pain due to fibromyalgia should control the intake of carbohydrate and sugar in the diet. Thus, it is beneficial to eat foods that contain less amount of carbohydrate and sugar.


9. Use Asafetida

Asafetida is a spice that helps in reducing abdominal pain and gas.[9] It gives relief in stomach cramps. The spice also helps in healing nerve pain and arthritis pain. Thus, use the spice in your diet. Add asafetida while cooking food.


10. Use Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps in healing nerve pain and joint swelling caused by cold weather in arthritis patients.[10] For this, you need to take the spice in the form of tea. Drink hot cinnamon tea to get relief from pain. It will help in improving blood circulation while reducing joint stiffness.


11. Drink Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal teas like basil and sage tea helps in reducing nerve pain caused by the problem of neuralgia. The tea has analgesic properties, which helps in healing body pain.[11] Thus, you should drink herbal tea. Take lemon balm and red clover tea.

Drink Herbal Tea

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