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11 Essential Oils For Scars

Essential Oils For Scars

Scars are a common skin problem that may form due to cuts and burns. It may also be due to acne. Pregnant women and those who undergo surgery also have a problem of scars. Cuts and incisions during surgery also leave behind ugly scars on the skin and body. While it is very difficult to remove the scar completely in a short time, it is possible to make these marks light and faded so that they are not visible. The expensive creams and scar remedies available in the market to deal with the marks are harmful to the skin and health. Instead of that, choose natural remedies that are safe. Use essential oils that help in healing the scars and making them light. We will give some tips for this. Use the essential oils given below for an effective and faster healing of scars on the skin.

Following Are The 11 Essential Oils For Scars:

1. Frankincense Essential Oil:

Frankincense Essential Oil is a natural remedy for healing scars on the skin. It soothes the skin. Heal the scars by using the oil topically by applying it on the skin externally and massaging the skin after that. [1]

Frankincense Essential Oil

2. Mandarin Essential Oil:

Mandarin Essential Oil is very good for making the skin healthy. It helps in healing scars as well as acne. Use the oil to reduce marks of scars on the skin. [2]

Mandarin Essential Oil

3. Geranium Essential Oil:

Geranium Essential Oil is useful for getting rid of scars. It has the property to lighten the spots on the skin. The oil heals many types of skin imperfections. [3]

Geranium Essential Oil

4. Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Sandalwood Essential Oil decreases scars on the skin and body. It heals cracked and damaged skin making it shiny and moisturized. Use the oil for fighting scars on your body. [4]

 Sandalwood Essential Oil

5. Chamomile And Rose Essential Oils:

Chamomile and Rose Essential Oils help in healing new scars on the skin. Apply these oils on the scars twice a day in morning and night. Just apply the oil without massaging the skin. Use the oils along with some carrier oil like macadamia oil and rosehip seed oil. [5]

Chamomile And Rose Essential Oils

6. Frankincense Essential Oil And Orange Essential Oil:

Use Frankincense Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil for scars that are old. Use the oil along with some other carrier oil like rosehip seed oil and macadamia oil. Apply the oil on the skin and do a gentle massage with the fingers. [6]

7. Calendula Essential Oil:

You can also use the Calendula Essential Oil for fighting old scars. Apply the oil on the affected area over the scars for a faster healing of the marks. [7]

8. Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Fight scars formed due to burns by using Tea Tree Essential Oil. For this, dilute the oil and apply it on the affected area for healing the burn and stopping the formation of a scar due to it. Use two or three drops of oil on the skin at a time. The oil is effective for healing scars caused by minor burns. [8]

 Tea Tree Essential Oil

9. Neroli Essential Oil:

Neroli Essential Oil heals scars. The oil has antiseptic properties and it can soothe damaged skin. The oil heals stretch marks besides fading scars. [9]

Neroli Essential Oil:

10. Carrot Seed Essential Oil:

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is useful for fighting old scars on the skin. Mix the oil with carrier oil like macadamia or rosehip oil. Apply the mixed oil over the scars and massage the skin very gently. [10]

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

11. Rosemary Essential Oil:

Rosemary Essential Oil used in combination with some other oils like lavender and helichrysum oils helps in fighting scars. Mix these oils and add a carrier oil like jojoba or rosehip oil to the above. Apply the oil mixture on the skin over the scars twice a day. Tap on the affected area with fingers to promote healing. [11]

Rosemary Essential Oil

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