11 Health Benefits Of Consuming Saffron Regularly

Health Benefits Of Consuming Saffron

Saffron is one of the most expensive spice in the world. Measured by weight, this spice is even more expensive than gold is. This spice is mostly cultivated in India, Iran and Spain. It is immensely popular for it strong smell and flavor.

When added to any dish, it can add a strong flavor to it. Saffron also adds a nice aroma to the dishes and it is also frequently added to many drinks. It is an important part of mughlai dishes and a ncessary addition to many kinds of meats. This is also one of the best ingredients to add to a dessert.

Apart from adding nice flavor and taste to the dishes, it also has a high nutritional value. There are many components and properties of saffron that prove to be extremely beneficial to the body. Let us look at a few benefits of adding saffron to your dishes.

1. Protection Against Cancer:

Saffron contains a water soluble carotene called crocin. This crocin is an important ingredient and is responsible for the golden color of the spice. Crocin has been found to trigger apoptosis, that can work to kill different kinds of cancerous cells. Many researches in Mexico are studying the effects of saffron extracts on cancerous cells and have found that these compounds have the ability to inhibit the growth of these cells. Although harmful to the cancerous cells, the studies have also shown that they do not harm the normal cells.


2. Improves Learning And Retention:

Saffron works wonderfully in increasing the abilities of the brain. They have a few chemical components, especially crocin that are known to delay age related brain diseases. It is also a good practice to add saffron to milk and give it to kids in order to improve their memory. It also helps in increasing the ability of the brain to retain information. In Japan, many medicines have saffron extracts that treat Parkinson’s disease, memory loss and inflation.


3. Heart Health:

Saffron has extracts that are beneficial to the heart. They promote heart health and have been known to improve blood circulation. Saffron is full of carotenoids which exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. It increases oxygen levels in the body that helps in increasing the blood circulation and blood pressure. Crocetin is also effective in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body which reduces the risk of artherosclerosis. This spice is an excellent way of maintaining healthy heart.

Heart Health:

4. Antidepressant:

Depression is at an all time high with increasing percentage of youth getting affected by this. Depression can be difficult to cope with and also results in a high number of suicides every year. While attending therapy regularly, taking anti depressants is also important to cope with this deadly disease. Taking prescribed anti depressants can have averse effects on the body and there is an immense need to taking a natural way to cope with it. Saffron is known to work as an anti depressant. Multiple researches, starting from 2001, have proven that saffron can effectively fight depression. This spice works effectively in uplifting the mood and doesn’t have any side effects that many other anti depressants do.


5. For Treating Cold And Cough:

Cold can be very painful and treating this can be very challenging. No amount of medicines can help in getting the cold to go down and can be very tricky to deal with. This can be especially difficult among infants since there are not many medicines that are mild enough to be taken by kids. Using saffron to treat cold among infants is a good way to deal with cold. This spice is also a nice way of treating cough and can provide instant relief.

Cold And Cough

6. Aids Digestion:

Adding saffron to foods can relieve your from multiple digestion problems. It is effective in relieving gas and provides relief from acidity. It also have carminative properties, that is, they help in reducing flatulence and also deal with stomach cramps. One of the best ways to reduce gas and stomach pains is to regularly consume milk with saffron.


7. Weight Loss:

Saffron is being used by many people around the world to control appetite. Saffron oil, when added to various foods can help in reducing hunger pangs and helps you feel fuller. This in turn prevents you from over eating that is crucial in dealing with obesity and regulates weight loss. Regular intake increases the serotonin levels in the body. High serotonin levels are good at suppressing the appetite and also helps in improving the mood. It is proven that bad moods provoke you to eat more than you need to. Keeping your mood upbeat can go a long way in reducing weight.

 Weight Loss

8. Treats Insomnia:

Having proper amounts of sleep is crucial for the body for its proper functioning. Regular intake of saffron helps in treating multiple sleep disorders like insomnia. Its mild sedative properties calms the nerves and helps you fall asleep faster. Adding saffron to warm milk and consuming this before sleep is one effective method of getting sound sleep.


9. Improves Vision:

Multiple reputed researches have proven that consumption of saffron can positively effect the genes that are responsible for proper performance of eye’s vision cells. Saffron has a few compounds that protect the eye’s photo receptors from damage. Saffron also helps in delaying many blinding diseases like age related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. Saffron helps improving the eyesight and taking it regularly will help you maintain your eye sight for longer time.


10. Relieves Menstrual Discomfort:

Saffron helps in treating cramps and mood swings. Few reputed studies have proven that regular consumption of saffron treat many symptoms of PMS like fatigue, bloating, mood swings, irritability, acne etc. If you are someone who have extremely painful periods, then consuming saffron every day can help you by providing relief and can gradually decrease the pain caused by your periods. It can also help in reducing the bleeding.


11. For Radiant And Healthy Skin:

It is widely believed that consuming saffron can help boost the skin health and can also improve the complexion of the skin. It gives the skin radiance and makes it smooth. Saffron also helps in dealing with acne and blemishes. Add a pinch of saffron to your daily face packs and you will immediately notice the change. Applying saffron to face can also improve the texture of the skin and can also work as a toner. It effectively treats dry skin by providing moisture to the skin.

For Radiant And Healthy Skin

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