11 Health Benefits Of Milk Thistle

Health Benefits Of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle herb found in the Mediterranean countries is a mixture of daisy and ragweed species of flowering herbs. It has many health benefits for improving the health of liver, gallbladder, heart and many other organs. The herb is used as a natural remedy for many diseases. Milk thistle has anti-inflammatory properties due to an ingredient called silymarin present in it. This ingredient also imparts antioxidant properties to the herb. Extract or supplements of milk thistle are used in different health problems. It is important to know the benefits of this herb. We will tell you about some health benefits of milk thistle.

Following Are The 11 Health Benefits Of Milk Thistle:

1. Improves Liver Function In Cirrhosis:

Milk thistle is useful for patients who suffer from cirrhosis. It helps in normalizing the liver function in such patients. It reduces the risk of death due to alcoholic cirrhosis.

Liver Function

2. Weight Loss:

You can use milk thistle for weight problems. The herb has simirilyn flavonoids that help in reducing the body weight by making the liver healthy and improving its functioning. A slow and sluggish liver causes difficulty in losing weight by thirty percent. Milk thistle reverses this problem by making the liver active and thus increasing the weight loss ability of the body. Use capsules of the herb for weight problems.

Weight Loss

3. Helps In Fighting Jaundice:

Using a tincture made with milk thistle helps in fighting jaundice. Make the tincture by mixing dandelion root with half amount of milk thistle and vervain herbs. Take a daily dose of the tincture about half a teaspoon of the tincture taken thrice daily. After one week, increase the dose to one teaspoon. Do this remedy for two weeks.


4. Gives Relief From Digestion Problems:

You can get relief from digestion related problems by using milk thistle. The herb heals the problem of indigestion. It decreases intestinal cramp besides healing many other digestive diseases.

Digestion Problems

5. Fights Hepatitis C:

Milk thistle is a herbal remedy for hepatitis C. It has been found that the herbs can reduce liver congestion. It gives relief in congestion of spleen and kidneys too. The ingredients of the herb protect the liver from toxins.

Hepatitis C

6. Improves Skin Health:

There are many benefits of milk thistle herb for the skin health. It has anti-aging properties, which gives us beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin. The herb makes our skin healthy.


7. Stops Toxicity:

It is possible to get relief from toxicity by using milk thistle herb. It is a tonic that removes toxicity from the body. For this, you can take a daily supplement of the herb. It will protect you from daily toxins you are exposed to.


8. Reduces Hot Flashes In Menopause:

Milk thistle is a useful herb for older women of the menopause age. The problem of hot flashes due to menopause can be solved by using the herb. Thus, it is a wonderful remedy for menopause problems.

Reduces Hot Flashes In Menopause

9. Controls Diabetes:

The problem of diabetes can be controlled by using milk thistle. The herb has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which helps in mitigating diabetes. It is also a very good antioxidant for diabetes control.


10. Reduces Cholesterol Levels:

People who suffer from high cholesterol can benefit by using milk thistle. The herb helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. It aids in the conversion of the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol in the liver. Milk thistle stops the deposition of cholesterol in the form of plaque in our arteries.

Cholesterol Levels

11. Helps Fight Cancer:

Milk thistle is useful for cancer. It helps in stopping the growth of cancer cells in patients who have ovarian cancer. The herb slows the growth of cancer cells in breast, lung, liver and cervical cancers. The use of milk thistle can protect the body from inflammation due to chemotherapy.

Helps Fight Cancer

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