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11 Superfoods For Healthy And Glowing Winter Skin

Superfoods For Healthy And Glowing Winter Skin

The very thought of winter makes you shudder because you are worried about all those skin problems coming forth. The biggest of them is probably going to be dryness and flakiness. So you are already stocking in on your creams, but do you know that there are some essential winter super foods that you must consume for getting a winter glow on your skin. These are super foods that are not only essential during the winter months, but can be consumed all year round.

But These Are More Easily Available During The Colder Months-

1. Walnuts

This is one of the healthiest foods that you must consume during the winter months for a healthy glow. Basically walnuts contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids along with other fats that add a glow to your skin. Along with this, they also contain other minerals that helps your skin stay flawless.


2. Salmon

This fish is easily available all year round but during the winter months, they are available in fresher forms. Salmon too contains many different kinds of healthy fats and essential fatty acids. The combination helps you get a glow from within as the skin gets moisture and hydration from these fats.


3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil should be consumed in its raw form to get the best benefits of the winter months. Extra virgin olive oil contains saturated and healthy fats that help you to get a healthy winter glow. Try to have more of this oil in your salads, vegetables etc, but in raw forms. You can add it on top of your pasta sauce too.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4. Avocados

Avocados are rich in different kinds of essential fatty acids that provide inherent nourishment to the body from within. It replenishes the skin, prevents dryness and offers hydration to the body too. You should try to have at least half and avocado every day for that healthy winter glow. Scoop out the ripe avocado and add lime and salt. Just have it with dips or in salads.

Avocado (2)

5. Almonds

Almonds contain vitamin E that is one of the most crucial agents for getting a healthy winter glow. Vitamin e along with other fatty acids provide your skin with nourishment from within. The vitamin E helps you in getting a cell rejuvenation boost and prevents early signs of aging too. Soak the almonds before eating because it boosts the vitamin e levels in the almonds and helps in easier absorption.

Almonds (2)

6. Broccoli

This winter food is high on different kinds of minerals along with being protein rich. The zinc and iron found in broccoli is known to fight the winter skin issues of dryness and hydration. It is also known for repairing damaged cell tissues and thus helps you retain a healthier glow in the winter months. Try to have broccoli steamed or grilled for ensuring that you don’t lose out on the nutrients.


7. Beetroot

Beetroots are abundantly available during the winter months and they are known for getting you those blush pink cheeks. There are enzymes in the beetroot that adds color to the skin and provides you with a healthy glow. Often winter skin gets white and this problem can be combatted with beetroots. Have them in soups, stews, salads or simply boiled and pureed.


8. Spinach

This one is a super food that most people are already aware of. It contains enzymes and chemicals that helps in faster cell rejuvenation and also gives you a pink tone. If you suffer from very dry and white skin tone problem in winter months then have more of the tomatoes in salads, juice forms or even in smoothies.

Spinach (2)

9. Oranges

Oranges are one other superfood that really help you in getting a winter glow. Oranges are very high on different kinds of vitamins, especially vitamin C. They are also rich in calcium along with fibers. Vitamin C and the antioxidants found in the oranges helps you to stay younger while retaining a healthy winter glow. The fibres flush out toxins while the juicy fruit keeps you hydrated.


10. Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is the lighter form of processed butter that you get. Although the smell may not be that appealing, it is very high on nutrients especially healthy fats. This works as a lubricant inside the body to improve absorption of minerals and calcium. The overall result is that you get glowing and healthy skin.

Clarified Butter

11. Dark Chocolate

Now is the best time to have dark chocolate because it is rich in antioxidants and also contains healthy endorphins that keep you happier and gets your skin glowing. Along with this, the dark chocolate is easier to digest too and provides warmth during the cold winter months, which helps your skin cells replenish faster.

Dark Chocolate (2)

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