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11 Tips For Recovering From Glandular Fever


11 Tips For Recovering From Glandular Fever

When a person suffers from viral infections with symptoms of fever and swollen neck glands, the condition is termed as glandular fever. The patient suffers from a sore throat and extreme tiredness. There can be chills, sweating, and pain in the muscles. The tonsils, eyes, and stomach become swollen. Also, there is a loss of appetite. These symptoms last for 2-3 weeks. It may cause a lot of suffering, inconvenience, and discomfort to the person. Teenagers and young people are the most common victim of this disease. We will give some tips for dealing with this problem and recovering from the disease.

Following Are The 11 Tips For Recovering From Glandular Fever.

1. Take Rest:

It is advised to take rest and avoid strenuous activities till the infection due to glandular fever is reduced. Start doing your normal activities after the infection is healed. Avoid sports and hard activities that put a strain on the body.

Take Rest:

2. Use Echinacea:

Use the herb Echinacea for fighting a glandular fever. [1] The herb has antiseptic properties and it helps in improving the immunity. Thus, Echinacea is a useful herb for dealing with infections like glandular fever. It helps in reducing the problem of fatigue.

Use Echinacea:

3. Use Astragalus:

Clinical case studies have shown that the herb astragalus can help in fighting symptoms of glandular fever in teenagers and youngsters. [3] Use 30 ml of the astralagus extract in a herbal formula and give it to the affected person.

Use Astragalus

4. Use Poke Root:

Fever and gland swelling due to glandular fever can be reduced by using the herb called poke root. It also reduces swelling in the tonsils. Native Americans in the olden times made poke root poultice and used it on the limbs for the problem of glandular fever.

Use Poke Root:

5. Change The Diet:

If you have glandular fever, change your diet. Eat foods that contain protein. Choose foods with high calories. Eat fruits, walnuts and sunflower seeds. Take healthy veggies like green leafy vegetables. Take water and other fluids along with food so that it is easy to chew and swallow it. Take foods that contain Vitamin A and C.

Change The Diet:


6. Take Soups And Fruit Sorbets:

Throat problem due to glandular fever often causes difficulty in eating and swallowing food. It is better to choose foods that can be slipped down the throat and swallow easily. Take soups for this issue. You can also take fruit sorbets.

Take Soups And Fruit Sorbets

7. Take Lean Meats:

Non-vegetarian people who have a glandular fever should eat lean meats instead of fatty meats. Fatty and oily fishes are ideal foods for such people. The best fish for you are salmon and sardines. Besides this, you can also eat pilchards. Make lean meats a part of your diet.

Take Lean Meats:

8. Use Saltwater Gargles And Throat Sprays:

A saltwater gargling helps in fighting sore throat that occurs due to glandular fever. Mix salt with warm water, mix well and do gargling with it. This will heal throat problem. It helps in healing swollen tonsils. Use throat sprays for healing pain and inflammation in the throat area.

. Use Saltwater Gargles And Throat Sprays:

9. Use Evening Primrose Oil:

Fatigue is a common problem that occurs in people who have glandular fever. It is possible to solve this problem by using the evening primrose oil. It is useful for reducing fatigue and tiredness in the body.

Use Evening Primrose Oil:


10. Use Maitake:

Using the herb maitake gives relief in glandular fever and fatigue associated with the condition. The herb is a health tonic and immune stimulant that helps in fighting viral infection symptoms. Thus, use the herb maitake for glandular fever.

Use Maitake:

11. Use Golden Seal:

Golden Seal herb helps in healing infections caused by glandular fever. [11] The herb has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a useful remedy for infections. Use the herb in combination with the herb Echinacea. Thus, use Golden Seal for glandular fever.

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