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11 Ways Mace Spice Can Benefit Your Health


 Mace Spice Can Benefit Your Health

Mace is a spice that is added to add flavor and fragrance to a great number of savory dishes. Mace is obtained from the outer cover of nutmeg. This plant is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and West Indian islands. While nutmeg and mace are often confused with each other, mace has a stronger flavor and taste than nutmeg. This spice is popularly being used in a lot of other countries due to its unique taste and flavor.

Apart from adding a nice taste and edge to your cooking, this spice is also very good for your health. It has a number of health benefits and can improve digestive health, mental health and much more. We are going to list a few of the numerous benefits of having this spice.

1. Improving Digestive Health:

Like many spices, mace is also a good addition to your diet if you want to improve your digestive health. This spice has been traditionally used for centuries in order to resolve a lot of issues like diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, flatulence etc. It can also resolve bloating issues and is also a popular remedy in order to ease bowel movement.

Improving Digestive Health

2. Encourages Appetite:

As we have mentioned, mace is an effective spice that helps in reducing bloating and can also ease bowel movement. This can eventually improve the appetite. Mace can improve your eating habits to a large extent and should definitely taken by people who are suffering from loss of appetite.


3. Relives Pain:

Instead of popping pills every time you have an injury or are suffering from some pains, try adding more mace to your diet. Mace is a natural pain reliever. It has compounds like menthol which can act as sedatives to treat painful conditions. This spice can be used to treat ailments like cramps, arthritic joint pain, arthritis etc. You can also use the oil of this spice for pain relief.

Relives Pain

4. Boosts Blood Circulation:

Several studies have shown that regular consumption of this spice can boost blood circulation. Improved blood circulation is necessary for a healthy skin and body. Healthy blood circulation is also crucial for proper functioning of the heart.

Boosts Blood Circulation

5. Fights Cancer:

Mace spice has been proved to fight cancer. In a study conducted in 2012, essential oils present in mace spice can reduce the chances of contracting cancer by disrupting the formation of certain blood vessels which otherwise would feed the cancerous tumor.


6. Stimulates Brain Function:

Since centuries it has been strongly believed that mace spice can prove to be effective for increasing brain functions. It is a great for the brain since it has components like macelignan and myristicin. These components are necessary for increasing the functionality of the brain since it can support neural pathways and can also improve cognitive functions. This spice also improves concentration and memory.

Brain Function

7. Good Oral Health:

Having a little bit of mace can prove to be very effective in treating bad breath. Mace has anti bacterial properties which can kill the bacteria that can cause oral infections. Mace can also help in keeping your gums strong. Add a pinch of mace to your toothpaste every day in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Good Oral Health

8. For Good Cardiovascular Health:

Mace contains good amounts of potassium. Potassium is an important mineral to keep the heart healthy. Mace can improve the functioning of the heart by acting as vasodilator. It helps the blood vessels relax and is the perfect way to cure hypertension and also helps the blood vessels relax. Eating mace regularly can keep the heart healthy and the blood pressure in control.

9. Stress Buster:

We have already discussed how mace can benefit the brain functionality. These very properties of mace can also help in calming the nerves and help you feel peaceful. It can also help in increasing your concentration by reliving your mental exhaustion.

Stress Buster

10. Cold And Cough:

Mace is very effectual in fighting cold. Since it is a very good antibacterial and antiviral agent, it can keep your body safe from the virus. It can also treat sore throat and is an essential ingredient to add in cough syrups. This spice can provide immediate relief from flu and cold.


11. Healthy Kidneys:

Mace is an excellent spice to use if you want to stay away from kidney disorders like kidney stones. Mace stops the stones from forming and if you already have them, adding mace regularly can dissolve the stones. Mace is one of the best natural remedies in order to treat the kidneys.

Healthy Kidneys

12. For Healthy Skin:

We have already mentioned that mace has antibacterial properties and is also a great anti inflammatory. This spice has soothing properties and can provide instant relief to irritated skin by keeping it hydrated. It cleans the dead skin cells and can also help clearing blackheads. It can also remove acne scars. Regular use of this spice can also make your skin look radiant and clear.

Healthy Skin


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