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12 Everyday Depression Healing Superfood


 Depression Healing Superfood

Depression has become Common Phenomenon Inflicting People. It is Important to Sustain Healthy Brain for Healthy living and Overcoming Depression.  This is Inherited  but Constant Work Stress, Anxiety, Menopause, Thyroid Ailment, Hormonal Imbalance, can also Promote Depression. Early onset of Depression can be Detected by Signs like Feeling of sudden Emptiness, Sudden Outburst of Anger, Frustration, Lack of interest in Everyday work, Fatigue, Appetite Loss, Concentration Loss, Delayed thinking, Movement and Guilt. Everyday Food plays Vital role in Curbing Brain Inflammation giving Healthy brain.

Best Depression Healing Food

1. Apple

Apple is suggested Fruit by Doctors and Dieticians alike. This Fruit is Abundant in Vitamin B, C and Potassium. It is essential to Manage Brain’s Neurotransmitter for Efficient function. Apple can Aide in Synthesising Glutamic and Amino Acid Boosting Neurotransmitter Function, Curbing Nerve Cells Damage and Rejuvenating Mind. Apple should be taken Daily in Diet.


2. Bean

Bean is best Available wholesome food. Beans have Fibre and Selenium. High intake of Selenium is necessary For Boosting Mood and Reducing Mood Swings in Depression.


3. Berry

Berry is Rich in Antioxidant and Nutrients. This Healthy food is Beneficial in Repairing Brain Cells, Curbing Brain’s Cellular Damages. Berry can also aide in Reducing Depression giving Good Brain.


4. Brazil Nut

Some food are Very Healthy and Brazil nut is one such Food. This nut has Selenium, Protein, Vitamin E and Essential Dietary Fibre. Being Abundant in Selenium it can be Beneficial in Overcoming Free Radical Damages, Enhancing Defence against damages and Reducing Depression. A Diet Low in Selenium leads to Depression and its Important to Maintain Selenium Rich diet for sustaining Healthy Brain.

Brazil Nut

5. Carrot

Carrot is low Calorie Food holding Beta Carotene, Vitamin B 12 and Nutrients. Carrot has proven Beneficial in Short Term Memory Loss, Curbing Nervousness associated with Depression, Boosting Temper, Decreasing Irritability and Enhancing Concentration Power. Depression Affects Brain’s Neurotransmitter giving Imbalanced Mood. Vitamin B12 efficiently Synthesises Neurotransmitter and Reduces Depression. Carrot can be taken in form of Snack or Dessert regularly for Managing Depression Free Brain.


6. Coffee

Coffee is Known Mood Stimulator. Caffeine and Serotonin in Coffee Boosts Mood, Improves Concentration, Motivates and Decreases Chance of Depression. Coffee in  Morning acts as Instant Energy booster and Energizes Brain making it good for Depression.


7. Fresh Fruit

Any Diet needs Balance of Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits are Powerhouse of Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Phytonutrients. Fruits are Beneficial in Managing and Curbing Depression. Fruit’s Antioxidants are good in Enhancing Serotonin Level, Boosting Mood, Limiting Free radical damages Fostering Healthy Cell Growth and giving Calming Mind.

Fresh Fruit

8. Green Leafy Vegetable

Green Leafy vegetables are rich in Folate, Vitamin B 12 and Essential Nutrients. Its important to Eat Green Vegetables regularly for Optimising Brain’s Cell development. Being Rich in Folate it Efficiently Overcomes and Curbs Depression, Improves Mood Swing and Manages behavioural Aggravation.

Green Leafy Vegetable

9. Milk

Vitamin D and Tryptophan are Must in diet for Managing optimum Brain Health. Its important to Sustain ideal Vitamin D Intake for Overcoming Depression. Tryptophan in Milk may Increase Mental Alertness and Brain’s Dopamine Production. Dopamine and Serotonin in Milk can Elevate and Boost Mood in Depression.


10. Mushroom

This Good food has Serotonin and is low in Fat. Mushroom holds known Benefits for Brain and Overall health. Mushroom is Beneficial in Allowing  Serotonin Production. In Depression, Serotonin is not only Known Mood enhancer but it Gives Good Mental Health, Balances Blood Sugar for Balancing Mood and Giving Sane Brain.


11. Salmon

Salmon has Nutrients like Omega 3, Polyunsaturated Fats and more. Omega 3 is Known to Promote Healing and Lower Depression Chances, Curb Brain Inflammation and Boost its Function. Study shows Salmon can be Helpful in Fighting Depression and Promoting Good mood in Depression. Salmon or any River fish can be taken twice a week for reaping Best benefits.


12. Whole Grain Bread

There are many Variants of bread but Whole Grain is healthiest amongst all. Bread has Fibre, Selenium, Serotonin, Carbohydrate and Vitamin B6. Serotonin can Calm Brain, Reduce Depression related Anxiety and Give Healthy Brain. Whole grain Bread can Substitute Normal Bread for Nutritious Life and Healthy Brain.

Whole Grain Bread

It is Best to eat Right Diet, do Regular Meditations, Exercise and leading Stress free Life for Sustaining Healthy Brain, Thinking Clearly and Managing Healthy and Active Life.


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