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12 Great Benefits And Uses Of Betel Leaf Oil

12 Great Benefits And Uses Of Betel Leaf Oil

These are also referred to as the golden green of India. Betel leaf is one of the oldest plant leaves that have a noble and historical importance. Its various benefits have found their place in the Ayurveda and this leaf is popularly chewed by people in India. The oil is extracted from the betel leaves through the process of steam distillation and is put to a variety of health and medicinal uses. This oil has a strong bitter taste and aroma and is known for its stimulant, carminative, antifungal, antibacterial and digestive properties.

The Various Uses And Benefits Of Betel Leaf Oil Are 

Reduces Inflammation

This oil has healing and curative properties, is rich in vitamin C and can be used to reduce all kinds of pain and inflammations like a backache, headaches, and joint pains in the body.

Reduces Inflammation And Pain

Aids Digestion

Betel leaf oil has digestive and carminative properties to heal and protect the intestinal and stomach functions. Massage the abdomen with a mixture of 2 drops of betel leaf oil, 2 drops of peppermint oil and 2 ml sesame oil. This will provide the stomach relief from acidity, heartburn, and other stomach disorders.

Good For Digestion

Treats Loss Of Appetite 

This oil can be massaged on the stomach and, in addition, be inhaled to stimulate the gasses and juices in the stomach for digestion and treat constipation. Appetite is hence restored and worms in the stomach like hookworms and tapeworms, which can diminish appetite, can also be effectively treated using this oil.

Improves Appetite

Respiratory Disorders

Betel leaf oil is extremely effective against a cough, cold, congestion, and bronchial problems. While doing steam inhalation, 2 drops of betel leaf oil can be added to the inhalation to accelerate the effects of the vapors. Mix mustard oil to betel leaf oil and massage on the chest to ease the congestion. Due to its expectorant properties, the phlegm loosens up and the chest feels lighter. The nose and throat can also be massaged with this oil mix to get relief from throat and nasal troubles.

Colds And Flu

Refreshes Breath 

After a heavy meal it is a common practice to chew betel leaves in India. The oil too has similar properties and can help refresh the breath after heavy meals or on eating garlic or food items with a strong odor. Gargling should be done with a cup of warm water in which 2 drops of betel leaf oil has been added. The antibacterial qualities of betel will banish all bacteria and germs from the mouth and restore fresh breathe.

Bad Breath

Gum Problems

Tooth decay, swollen and bleeding gums can all be treated using betel leaf oil. Gargling with warm water in which few drops of betel leaf oil are added can help in fighting against germs and prevent the building of plaque. Betel leaf oil has strong properties that prevent the growth of bacteria that lead to dental troubles and tooth decay.

Healthy Gums

Vocal Chord Troubles

Singers often gargle with a concoction of warm water and betel leaf oil to soothe their throats and reduce the inflammation in the larynx restore the voice.

Sore Throat

Skin Infections

This oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties to fight germs and infections. Skin allergies and infections like athlete’s foot, ringworms and common ailments like pimples can be treated by applying betel leaf oil. Add 2 drops of betel leaf oil, 2 drops of peppermint oil, 1 drop turmeric oil, to 2 ml of coconut oil and apply this mix to the affected area to treat wounds, infections and microbial allergies of the skin.

Treats Skin Problems

Arthritis And Joints Pains

The analgesic and numbing properties of betel leaf oil help in minimizing the body and joint pains. For people suffering from arthritis and muscle spasms, a nice betel oil massage is helpful.Massage the affected area with 2 drops betel leaf oil in 1.5 ml of coconut oil. 4-5 drops of betel leaf oil can be added to the cold or hot compress to get instant relief.


Refresh The Mind And Body 

To treat lethargy or muscle and body spasms, massage the body with betel leaf oil, added to a base oil, or add few drops of it to the bath water to ease and calm tensed and tired muscles. Also, its antimicrobial qualities helpS in keeping germs away and its cooling nature relaxes the mind.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Reproductive Problems 

The reproductive ailments in both males and females can be treated using betel leaf oil, due to its aphrodisiac properties.

betel leaf oil


Even patients of diabetes can benefit immensely by the use of betel leaf oil, due to its anti-diabetic properties.


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