12 Home Remedies For Mucus And Phlegm



Home Remedies For Mucus And Phlegm

Mucus and phlegm are a thick and sticky liquid like substance found in the nose, throat as well as sinus region of our face. The main function of mucus is lubrication of the areas on which it forms. It also helps in filtering unwanted things and stopping them from entering the internal areas of our body. The antibodies and enzymes present in this liquid help in fighting microorganisms like bacteria and virus. However, when there is an excess formation of mucus, it causes several health problems and respiratory diseases. There can be cold and flu due to this. The risk of allergy and sinus problems increases due to mucus. Home remedies can help in fighting mucus in our body. We will suggest some easy remedies. Following are the 12 home remedies for mucus and phlegm.

1. Drink Hot Liquids:

Drinking hot liquids like chicken soup help in fighting mucus problem due to a cough and sinus infection. It reduces mucus deposition in our sinus region and throat. This helps in fighting infection caused by bacteria and viruses. Thus, you should drink hot liquids and soups for removing mucus. [1]

Drink Hot Liquids

2. Drink Thyme Tea:

If you have mucus due to a cough, use a natural expectorant to get rid of the mucus and phlegm. For this, prepare thyme tea by steeping dry thyme herb in boiling water. Add lemon juice and honey to the tea and drink it. It will soothe a cough and remove the phlegm. [2]

Thyme Tea

3. Eat Garlic And Onions:

Eating garlic helps in removing mucus as it acts as a natural expectorant. It helps in turning the phlegm and mucus formed due to a cough into a thin liquid form, which makes it easy to expel it. Also, you can eat onions for mucus removal. Include garlic and onion in your daily food when you have mucus due to a cough. [3]

Garlic And Onions

4. Use Pepper:

Using pepper in food helps in making the mucus thin and loose. Sprinkle red pepper powder on foods you eat. Also, you can use red pepper flakes in food. It is beneficial to use hot pepper sauce. It will help in opening the blocked nasal passages. [4]


5. Drink Herbal Tea With Ginger And Cinnamon:

Taking hot herbal tea helps in removing copious mucus. For this, prepare herbal tea by steeping herbs in boiling water. Add ginger and cinnamon and boil. Strain and drink the hot tea. It is a warm and stimulating drink for fighting mucus. [5]

With Ginger And Cinnamon

6. Use Licorice:

If there is mucus in the chest and stomach, use licorice to remove it. It has a sweet and astringent taste with expectorant properties, which helps in removing mucus. For this, drink licorice tea. Make the tea by boiling one-teaspoon licorice powder in one-cup water. It will help in inducing nausea and vomiting to expel the mucus. Another way to make the licorice tea for a cough is steeping the licorice root in boiling water for ten minutes. Strain, cool and drink the tea warm. Take the tea thrice daily for two weeks. [6]


7. Use Wild Cherry Bark Syrup And Tea:

Wild cherry bark used in the form of a syrup helps in removing the mucus as it has expectorant properties. It is useful for suppressing cough. Besides taking the syrup, you can also drink a tea made of wild cherry bark for mucus removal. [7]

Wild Cherry Bark Syrup And Tea

8. Use Slipper Elm Lozenges:

Using slippery elm lozenges helps in healing a cough caused by excess mucus and phlegm. The herb slippery elm helps in removing mucus. Thus, suck the lozenges made with this herb to heal a cough. [8]

Slipper Elm Lozenges

9. Use Saline Nasal Spray:

Nasal saline irrigation helps in loosening the mucus and expelling it from the nose. For this, use a saline nasal spray. It will clean the nose and get rid of bacteria and virus besides reducing postnasal drip. Make a homemade nasal spray by mixing half-teaspoon salt and one pinch baking soda with one glass lukewarm water. Fill the solution in a syringe and spray it inside the nose. After that, blow the nose to remove the mucus. [9]

 Saline Nasal Spray

10. Do Gargling With Apple Cider Vinegar:

Gargling with apple cider vinegar helps in removing mucus from the throat. For this, mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in half glass of water. Use this solution for doing gargling three times in one hour and spit out the water. [10]

 Apple Cider Vinegar

11. Steam Inhalation:

Steam inhalation helps in making the mucus loose and finally removing it from the nose and throat. Inhale the warm steam coming from hot water during a shower or an inhaler. For a simple steam inhalation, fill a pot or vessel with hot water. Bend over with head covered with a towel and inhale the steam. For a more effective steam inhalation, add antiseptic herbs like eucalyptus and thyme to the hot water, which helps in decongestion. [11]


12. Use Essential Oils:

Some essential oils have very good expectorant properties, which helps in making the mucus thin and liquid while expelling it from the lungs. Use essential oils for getting rid of mucus. For this, you can use eucalyptus, niaouli, goldenrod, pine, spruce, Myrtle, cajeput, fir, cedarwood, hyssop, and mugwort essential oils. [12]

Essential Oils


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