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12 Reasons You Are Breaking Out

Reasons You Are Breaking Out

Acne affects a large number of people all over the world including men, women, and teenagers. The main cause of this problem is excess oil on the skin and clogging of skin pores due to blockage in the hair follicles. Due to this, there is an infection in the skin resulting from the growth of bacteria. Besides this, hormonal problems also contribute to acne formation. This makes you break out leading to acne on the skin. It is important to know the reasons and triggers of acne so that we can identify and address the problem. We will tell you about some causes of acne.

Following Are The 12 Reasons You Are Breaking Out:

1. Lack Of Sleep:

Sleeplessness and lack of sleep can cause acne. A deep sleep for 8 hours at night daily helps in maintaining the skin health. Insomnia can cause excess production of sebum by glands in the skin. This leads to acne. Thus, get enough sleep for avoiding acne.

Lack Of Sleep

2. Eating Spicy Foods And Tomatoes:

Taking spicy foods is a common cause of acne. Foods made with tomatoes contain lycopene, which irritates the skin triggers acne. Thus, stop eating such foods to avoid acne problem.

Spicy Foods

3. Taking Dairy, Sugary And Fatty Foods:

Studies have shown that taking more amounts of dairy foods and sugary foods causes acne. Besides this, foods with high amount of unhealthy fat also cause acne. Avoid these foods to keep acne away from yourself.

Fatty Foods

4. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes:

Using dirty makeup brushes without cleaning them can trigger acne problem. Dirt, dust, and bacteria form in dirty brushes used in makeup exposing the skin to them and causing acne. Always use clean makeup brushes. Wash the brushes well at regular intervals.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

5. Stress:

When we are under high stress, there is a production of cortisol in our body that damages the functioning of glands in the skin causing acne. Avoid stress to be free of acne.


6. Using Cosmetics That Block The Skin Pores:

Some beauty products and cosmetics contain ingredients and chemicals like silicone and mineral oils that block the skin pores leading to acne. Avoid lotions, moisturizers, and cosmetics with such ingredients.

Skin Pores

7. Lack Of Skin Care:

Lack of skin care and the deposition of dirt and oil on the skin lead to the problem of acne. Thus, take care of your skin by washing and cleaning it well. Wash the face two times daily. Cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser.

Lack Of Skin Care

8. Sweating After Workouts:

If you sweat a lot during exercise and workouts, it may cause acne. The sweat combines with oils present in skin pores and this is one of the triggers of acne. Avoid sweat during exercise by wearing loose cotton clothes. Take a bath after exercise. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes for workouts.

Sweating After Workouts

9. Smoking:

Smoking is another cause of acne. When you smoke or inhale smoke, it releases harmful chemicals into our body. It makes the skin very dry. Besides this, oil glands become overactive and this leads to acne.


10. Using Hair Products With Sulfates And Silicones:

Using hair products that contain harmful ingredients like sulfates and silicones cause acne. Avoid shampoos, conditioners and styling products with such ingredients that damage the skin health.

 Using Hair Products With Sulfates And Silicones:

11. Sunlight Exposure:

Staying outdoors for a long time and too much exposure to sunlight is one of the reasons for the formation of acne. Basking in the sun at the beach and getting sunburn can trigger acne. Avoid this. Use a sunscreen. Stay under a shady area when you go outdoors.

Sunlight Exposure

12. Using Dirty Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers And Towels:

If you use dirty bed sheets and linen, it may cause acne problem. Bacteria forms in dirty bed sheets and sleeping on them leads to skin infection finally resulting in acne. Use clean bed linen. Wash the bed sheets at frequent intervals. Change the pillow covers two times in seven days. Also, use clean and washed towels.

Using Dirty Bed Sheets

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