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12 Simple Home Remedies For Teething

Home Remedies For Teething

Teething is a part of the natural growing process of the infant and does pose a some problems to the baby and the parents. The baby is cranky and irritable all the time and saliva is often dripping from the mouth as a result of chewing on unhygienic substances it gets hold of, which can often lead to infection. But it is a temporary phase and once the teeth start popping out, the discomfort eases. Though we cannot totally wipe out the teething problems, but simple home remedies often help in minimizing the pain and uneasiness caused from teething.

Some Home Remedies For Teething Are –

Gum Massage –

This is a simple move that gives the baby comfort. Either of the parents can massage the baby’s gums with their clean fingers. The gentle pressure on the gums helps in relieving the pain.

Gum massage

Chewing Frozen Items-

Take a baby bottle and fill some water in it. Freeze it upside down so that the water settles in the nipple and freezes. Give it to the baby when it is uncomfortable. The baby will suck and bite the nipple and feel comfortable. Fruits like banana, or a wedge of apple can be frozen and given to the baby. The baby keeps biting and nibbling into the fruit which is healthy and in addition, gives relief to its swollen gums. Bagels, metal or wooden spoons that are frozen can be given to the baby for sucking it. The inflamed gums feel soothed and the pain is lessened, in addition, the baby being distracted with it for a while.

Chewing Frozen Items

Suck A Washcloth –

Take a clean washcloth, wet it and freeze it for some time. Now give it to the baby who will keep nibbling into it and feel comfort in that piece of cloth. The washcloth can also be soaked in diluted chamomile tea and chilled to give the baby additional relief.

Suck A Washcloth

Clove –

The gums of the baby can be massaged with diluted clove oil to reduce the pain and inflammation, the teeth also become naturally numb and do not feel the discomfort. Also, we can heat few cloves in coconut oil and then strain it. The oil can be used to massage the gums.

Clove Oil

Gingerroot –

A piece of gingerroot can be peeled and lightly rubbed on the gums. The baby will feel comfortable as the ginger root juices start working on the gums and pain reduces gradually.


Almond/vanilla –

Extracts of vanilla or almonds can be massaged on the gums of the baby or applied with a swab of cotton, to ease the pain of teething.

vanilla Extract

Sweet Candy –

It could be a favorite with your infant! Make pops using natural fruit juices and freeze them. Give it to the baby when it feels uncomfortable. The sweet taste will make the baby happy and also lessen the pain.

Sweet candy

Amber Necklaces –

Traditional necklaces of amber or hazelwood can be worn around the neck of babies. The necklace should touch the skin and works by helping in reducing acidity and inflammation in the body of the infant. It induces better sleep in babies who are troubled due to teething problems. At night, it can be wrapped in the baby’s ankle to avoid the risk of choking.

Amber necklaces

Corn Cobs –

Remove the corn from the cobs and give it to the toddlers. It will keep itself busy by nibbling and chewing into the cobs and also feel extremely comfortable.

Corn cobs

Licorice Root –

A stick of this root can be given to the baby for chewing. It is tasty and sweet and will slowly numb the sensation of pain in the gums and provide relief to the pain.

Licorice root

Copaiba Oil –

This oil is very effective for teething pains and can be massaged into the gums to reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Copaiba oil

Catnip Tea

This tea is made by adding 2 tsp of catnip to a cup of boiled water and strained. It can be diluted with equal amounts of water and given to the babies to induce a sound and painless sleep, as catnip helps in reducing the inflammation.

Catnip tea

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