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12 Top Benefits Of Elemi Essential Oil

15 Top Benefits Of Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi essential oil is a very popular ingredient that is used primarily in the cosmetic products, soaps, perfumes and paint industries. It is also believed that elemi essential oil has been used to embalm the mummies in ancient Egyptian period.

Do you know this essential oil has several health benefits that have made it so widely accepted across the globe? We have got you the top 15 healthy benefits of elemi essential oil. Read on to find out what are those. What are the benefits and uses of the essential oil? Let us get a brief on them.

Following Benefits Of Elemi Essential Oil:

High In Antiseptic Properties

This essential oil is used in the protection against the attacks of bacteria, fungi, virus, molds, and any form of septic and tetanus as well.

Effective Antiseptic

Prevent Infections

Due to the antiseptic properties of elemi essential oil it is an amazing product for treating infections in urinary bladder, urethra, urinary tract, intestines, colon, stomach, kidney and other internal organs of your body.

Treat Fungal Infections Of The Skin

Noteworthy Analgesic Benefits

Elemi essential oil is high in analgesic compounds and thereby helping you in doing away with the pain and aches related to: Fever, Cough and cold, Sprains, Joint and muscle pains, Headaches, migraines, Relief from breathing issues. Elemi essential oil is amazing for getting relief from breathing troubles due to the congestion of nose and lungs due to cold or other infections.


Acts As A Stimulant Agent

Stimulation or circulation of the enzymes and hormones are essential to make sure the functioning of the body is optimal. The oil acts as a stimulant in menstrual discharges, production and secretion of breast milk, respiration, peristaltic motion of intestines etc.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Boosts The Immune System

Do you know elemi essential oil can act as a tonic for your whole body and improve the immune system of your body? If no, then you must know that they do.

Strengthens Immune System

Helpful For Sinusitis

Elemi essential oil has been known to soothe and provide relief from sinus related issues within a short time of its application.

Sinus Headache

Helps In Digestion

In case you are suffering from digestive problems or any issues related to stomach disorder, few drops of elemi essential oil can work wonders.

Aids Digestion

Get Relief From Joint Pain

Do you always suffer from joint aches and muscle pains? Why don’t you apply the elemi essential oil and get relief from all sorts of aches on your body? Yes, they work wonder.

Relieve Joint Pain

Aids In Skin Care

Elemi essential oil is highly beneficial for skin care. Some of the benefits include: Reduces wrinkles, Removes dullness from skin, Offers nourishment, Relief from cough and cold. Elemi essential oil is particularly helpful in curing dry coughs and catarrhal. Increase your mental ability. Elemi essential is very popular and a well know element for removing stress and anxiety and relaxing your mind.

Fresher Skin

Regulates High Sweating

Elemi essential oil is particularly helpful for those individuals who perspire very heavily.


Used As A Massage Oil

Elemi essential oil is also used as massaging oil for rendering relaxation and refreshment to body.


Cures Mumps And Chills

Elemi essential oil is highly beneficial or useful if you are suffering from mumps or chills. It will definitely provide you with the relief.

Cures Mumps And Chills

From the above mentioned benefits of elemi essential oil it is clear that this oil is actually very useful and beneficial for the human beings.

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