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13 Natural Remedies For Frozen Shoulder

13 Natural Remedies For Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a very painful situation in which there is an inflammation the shoulder bone ligaments. The problem causes a lot of trouble to the daily activities and reduces the movement of the shoulder. Factors responsible for the occurrence of frozen shoulder are diabetes, injury, hypothyroidism and reduce in the synovial fluid of the shoulder joints. Symptoms can vary in the intensity but the affected person feels pain, inflammation and stiffness in the shoulders. You can however treat the problem completely by using the following simple natural remedies.

13 Natural Remedies For Frozen Shoulder:

1. Hot Pack

Cold And Hot Packs

Apply a hot pack on your shoulder to reduce the intensity of pain and inflammation. The warmth from the pack reduces the swelling and stiffness by improving the blood circulation in the affected areas of your shoulder. A 20 to 25 minutes application of hot pack thrice a day would be sufficient to get relief.

2. Horse Tail Tea

Horse tail tea

Horse tail contains silicic acid that is very helpful in treating the problem of frozen shoulder. The acid also contains silicon that helps in strengthening the ligament and shoulder muscles to reduce the inflammation. Consume horse tail tea daily to get relief.

3. Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil Treatment

Mustard oil is very helpful in treating the symptoms like inflammation and swelling. It also strengthens the muscles of your shoulders very effectively. Slightly warm some mustard oil and massage gently over your shoulders to get relief. You can repeat the remedy many times in a day for better results.

4. Turmeric Powder


Turmeric powder reduces the inflammation caused due to frozen shoulder and helps in getting a faster recover from the situation. The rich anti inflammatory properties of turmeric are very helpful and therefore you should apply a paste of turmeric powder on the affected shoulder and cover using a bandage to get the benefits. It is also advisable to consume turmeric and milk together for better results.

5. Garlic



Garlic also contains the anti inflammatory nature in it and thus is a very effective remedy to treat the problem of frozen shoulder. Garlic reduces the symptoms of swelling and inflammation very effectively. An application of garlic oil around the affected areas can serve the purpose and you can also consume garlic cloves every day to foster the recovery.

6. Ginger



Like garlic, ginger also contains the compounds that can fight away the problem of inflammation. Regular consumption of ginger is therefore advisable to get relief from the problem of frozen shoulder effectively.

7. Camphor Oil

Camphor Oil

Camphor has very strong anti inflammatory properties and you can get complete relief from the symptoms of frozen shoulder by applying camphor oil over the affected areas. Repeat the remedy on daily basis.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has the rich anti inflammatory nature that effectively treats the inflammation problem. Not only this, coconut oil is also very useful in reducing the problem of swelling and pain. Regular massage with warm coconut oil improves the blood flow in the shoulder muscles and strengthens them to recover quickly.

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9. Pine Apple


Pine apple is a rich fruit that contains a lot of useful minerals and enzymes. The enzyme bromelain that is present in pine apple is anti inflammatory in nature and thus provide great relief from the symptoms of frozen shoulder. You should therefore include pine apple to your daily routine to get relief.

10. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Regular consumption of sesame seeds is quite effective in treating the problem of frozen shoulder. The rich sesame seeds help in reducing the inflammation and stiffness in your shoulders. Not only this, sesame seeds also provide heat to the body which helps in aiding the recovery of the shoulder muscles very effectively. Therefore it is advisable to consume soaked sesame seeds every morning to treat frozen shoulder quickly.

11. Willow Bark

Willow bark


Willow bark is very effective in treating the frozen shoulder. It contains anti inflammatory and analgesic properties that aids the recovery. All you have is to prepare a tea by boiling willow bark in water and consume the tea regularly to get relief from the problem.

12. Green Tea

Green tea

The anti oxidant rich green tea is also a wonderful remedy to treat frozen shoulder. The anti oxidants help the shoulder muscle to recover and also reduce the inflammation and swelling in and around the affected areas. Therefore consumption of soothing green tea is recommended to get the benefits.

13. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt


Epsom salt is known to be anti inflammatory because of the presence of the magnesium sulphate in it. Epsom salt reduces the inflammation and swelling from your shoulder very effectively. Add some Epsom salt to warm water in your bathing tub and soak your shoulder in the water to get the problem treated completely.

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