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13 Tips To Lowering The Risk Of Heart Attacks And Strokes



A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is cut off. And a stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain gets blocked. In the US, these two diseases are the mein causes of sudden death among adults. Men suffer more from heart attack and women are more prone to strokes. Though these fatal diseases cant be avoided, certain habits in the daily life and diet can be incorporated that will help in managing and controlling the instance of these strokes.

Here Are A Few Tips To Avoid Heart Attacks And Strokes


People who are more active can manage these ailments better. 20 minutes of good exercising is recommended every day . Whether it is cycling, swimming, jogging or playing a sport, is is important to indulge in some form of physical activity. Sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and of course weight is all well managed with an exercising regime.

Exercise Regularly

Eat Dark Chocolate

This is good news! Eating dark chocolate is good for the heart as dark chocolate contains flavonoids that protect the heart and the arteries. It prevents the rise of bad cholesterol and formation of clots in the arteries.The cocoa content should be 70 % and dark chocolate contains magnesium and fiber that are heart friendly.

Dark Chocolate

Drink Wisely

Red wine is good for the heart as it contains antioxidants that protect against heart diseases. Even drinking beer a glass of beer a day is heart healthy, as it lowers cholesterol levels and increases the blood antioxidants, and reduces the level of protein called fibrinogen that can lead to the formation of clots. Excess drinking is prohibited and it should be done in moderation to keep the heart healthy.

Red Wine

Sleep Well 

Those who suffer from stroke or heart diseases should go to bed on time. Ample amounts of sleep i.e. 7-8 hours is important so that the body gets time to rest, and a good sleep relaxes the stress hormone, controls sugar and blood pressure, all of which affect the heart health. Also, people who snore should get it rectified, as sleep apnea cuts off oxygen supply to the heart making it weak and prone to attacks and strokes.

Sleep Well

Vitamin B Intake

Vitamin B intake has been known to strengthen the body’s capacity to fight heart ailments. This vitamin intake reduces the level of the compound homocysteine, a subtance that can increase the risk of strokes. And people who take vitamin B, have wider arteries that help in good blood supply.

Vitamin B

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a strict NO! Smoking increases the risk of strokes and damages the blood vessels which become weak to carry blood smoothly. Even second hand smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lung diseases and smoking should be discouraged totally to keep heart attacks and strokes away.

Quit Smoking

Limit Calories

Obesity and high calorie intake can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Limit the saturated fats in your diet as fats increase the level of cholesterol, insulin resistance, and blood pressure, all factors that can lead to heart ailments.


Manage Your Health Problems

Cholesterol affects the heart functioning as it settles in the arteries and leads to plaque formation due to oxidative stress. High blood pressure depletes the blood vessels and they become weak in carrying blood properly.Limit your salt intake to keep blood pressue in control. Even diabetes should be controlled as high level of sugar in the blood can damage the arteries. So get moving and stay healthy.

 health problems

Drink Tea

Yes, both black and green tea are good for the heart and should be drank twice a day to get the antioxidants present in tea, into your system. These antioxidant are good for the healthy functioning of the heart.

Drink Tea

Drink Fluids

Dehydration could be a possible cause, leading to strokes. Lack of water can adversly affect the smooth functioning of the arteries for blood supply,and lead to the formation of clots. Avoid soda and drink water or fresh juices like that of orange which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Orange juice can increase the level of heart folate and its flavonoids protect the body against diseases.

Drink  Water

Eat Fish

Fish contain omega 3 fats that are the heart friendly fats. It can be eaten, grilled, baked or sauteed, but eating fish atleast once a weakk reduces the instance of irregular heart beats that can lead to the risk of diseases.



Crush it in your dough, dry roast and munch it or use its oil. Flaxseeds are a boon for the heart as they contain omega 3 fats which control irregular heart beats and overall heart health. It can be mixed in smoothies or added to salads, they also provide fibers which are heart healthy.


Beans And Nuts

The vitamin and fibers in nuts make them healthy nutrition for the heart. Legumes are a neccesary part of the diet, as they contain nutrition and fiber which are both heplful in keeping these organs healthy and preventing strokes and heart attacks.

beans and nuts


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