14 Warning Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency


14 Warning Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency



Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that we need for strong bones, immunity and good health. It is also called a sunshine vitamin as we get the vitamin naturally through sun exposure. Besides this, food sources also contain the vitamin. If a person is unable to get Vitamin D through sunlight and food, the best option is to take supplements of this vitamin. A deficiency of Vitamin D can cause several types of health problems like bone disease, heart problems, obesity, depression, cancer and other problems. It is important to know the signs of Vitamin D deficiency so that we recognize the problems and take steps to correct it.

Following Are The 14 Warning Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency:

1. Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can occur if the levels of Vitamin D in the body fall to low. This affects the elderly people although young people also have depression due to lack of the vitamin. The deficiency causes winter depression due to Seasonal affective Disorder or SAD [1].

Depression And Anxiety

2. Cold And Flu

If the Vitamin D levels in your body fall too low, there is a chance of suffering from cold and flu. Thus, we need the vitamin to fight the problem of cold and flu [2].

 Cold And Flu

3. Bone Problems

Bone problems like osteoporosis can affect people who have Vitamin D deficiency. The bones can become weak causing osteopenia initially but later turning into osteoporosis in advanced stages. Patients who have Vitamin D deficiency with arthritis have falls and fractures. The muscles become weak and failing to support the body weight, it leads to falls. It reduces a person activity and mobility ability [3].

Bone Problems

4. Sweating, Restlessness, And Irritability

Vitamin D deficiency in the body can cause profuse sweating, especially in the early stages. Along with this, there is restlessness and irritability in a person who has low levels of Vitamin D [4].

Sweating, Restlessness, And Irritability

5. Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory disease is a sign of Vitamin D deficiency in the body. Low levels of this vitamin increase the risk of attack by microorganisms that cause tuberculosis. Besides this, there is an increased risk of respiratory infections and asthma [5].

Respiratory Diseases

6. Fatigue And Weakness

People who have low levels of Vitamin D can have fatigue and tiredness. This is a common problem in old age. There are weakness and exhaustion in the body due to the deficiency [6].

Fatigue And Weakness

7. Heart Problems

A lack of Vitamin D in the body causes heart problems. It is common to have coronary heart disease in old age due to the deficiency [7].

Heart Problems

8. Renal Anaemia:

Studies have shown that lack of Vitamin D in the body can cause anemia especially in people who suffer from kidney diseases. Thus, the deficiency can cause renal anemia in people who have kidney problems [8].

Renal Anaemia

9. Hypertension:

Vitamin D deficiency can cause hypertension. It is common to find the elderly people who have this deficiency to suffer from the problem of high blood pressure [9].


10. Diabetes:

Low levels of Vitamin D in the body cause diabetes due to a weak or low insulin resistance. The elderly diabetic patients are the most common victims of this problem [10].


11. Body Pain:

It has been found that if there is a pain in the body, it may be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency. The deficiency can cause body pain due to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia [11].

Body Pain

12. Cancer:

Colon cancer and breast cancer are problems that occur due to Vitamin D deficiency. It can affect the elderly people [12].


13. Memory Loss:

Neurological problems like memory loss are the effects of Vitamin D deficiency in people who lack the vitamin in their bodies. It can cause poor brain health and Parkinson’s disease [13].

Memory Loss

14. Thyroid Problems:

If you have a thyroid problem, it may be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency in the body. Lack of the vitamin can cause autoimmune thyroid disease [14].



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