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15 Amazing Benefits Of Betony For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Betony For Skin, Hair And Health

Betony is a natural edible herb which is well known for its amazing medicinal properties and is very useful among women undergoing pregnancy. Betony is extremely rich in many active ingredients like saponins, tannins and alkaloids which make it perfect to be used in medical science for dealing with complex health conditions. It is a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent , antipyretic, analgesic that also have some amazing antiseptic properties that can aid in healing wounds and injuries.

Following Are The Amazing Benefits Of Betony For Skin, Hair And Health That Will Definitely Shock You:

Skin Benefits Of Betony:

1. Heals Wound And Cuts:

Betony has special antiseptic properties which makes it to use as a natural remedy for healing wounds, cuts and bruises. It keeps your skin away from infections and viral attacks and ensures fast healing of such injuries.

Heals Wound And Cuts

2. Reduces Skin Irritations:

If you possesses skin irritation and burning sensations on your skin then the anti-inflammatory action of Betony herb will keep you calm by reducing the redness and skin inflammation. If you have too much itchy skin then you must apply this herb daily during night time so as to fight against various inflammatory conditions comfortably.

Skin Irritations

3. Gives Younger Look:

Betony herb is very rich in antioxidants that can reduces the free radical damages on skin tone thereby giving you a smooth, soft and youthful skin tone. It can easily scavenge the free radicals residing on the skin cells with its anti-oxidizing effect.

Gives Younger Look:

4. Helps In Removing Dark Spots:

Betony herb is also good for removing dark spots and other unwanted signs present on skin tone. You need to apply the paste formed by this natural herb to the affected area and then washing your face with cold water after 30 minutes so as to get benefitted in removing dark spots on your skin.

Dark Spot

Hair Benefits Of Betony:

5. Reduces Dermatitis:

Wood Betony with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can give best result in easing discomfort arousing duet to skin problems like scabies and dermatitis that directly targets the scalp of an individual. However, you need to wash your hair with a branded shampoo twice just after removing the herb for keeping your scalp free from dermatitis and scabies.



6. Kills Head Lice:

Betony works well in killing the lice present on your head or scalp because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It also gives utmost strength to the roots of hair follicles.
Makes hair shiny:- If you possess white and gray hair then you must apply Betony herb to the white or gray hair as it can easily remove the yellow hues with its antiseptic nature. It is helpful in maintaining the smoothness and shine of hair for a long time.

Health Benefits Of Betony:

7. Good For Headache And Fever:

If you have high grade fever along with unbearable headache then this herb will prove to be an effective solution for these problems thereby improving your metabolism and boosting your immune system. Eating betony gives relaxation to your muscles during fever and eases your discomfort.

Good For Headache And Fever

8. Good Pain killer:

Betony is a natural analgesic and anodyne which can be applied directly to the injuries and painful area in your body so as to ease your discomfort. This herb works as a natural pain killer by having an interaction with the nerves associated with the affected injured area. This herb improves the blood circulation as an ointment of affected region.

Good Pain killer

9. Gives Relief From Hysteria:

Betony is too good for giving relief from complications like hysteria and hangover as it can easily calm the nerves that cause stress, tension and hysteria. It works well in controlling panic attack and other mental disorders too.


10.Improves sleeps:

Betony is good for removing the insomnia or sleep disorder by giving relax to the nerves of stress and tension. Intake of betony eases pessimism and gives happy feeling. That is why; this herb is widely used in making of anti-depression medication.

Improves sleeps

11. Keeps Spasm In Control:

Betony is blessed with superb antispasmodic properties which gives fast relief from contraction of muscles and nerves. It is also sued for controlling spasm in severe cases of cerebral palsy and facial neuralgia.

 Keeps Spasm In Control

12. Improves Digestion:

Wood betony is good for improving function of digestive system and other gastric disorders by secreting the digestive glands. It stimulate the appetite level and gives fast relief from unbearable experiences of colic pain, bloating and heartburn with its superb laxative properties.


13. Enhances Respiration:

Betony is very helpful in giving strength to the respiratory system by clearing the mucus clogged respiratory tract. It performs the antispasmodic action during chronic pain of asthma and bronchitis and gives relaxation to the tensed nerves and muscles.


14. Improves Heart Health:

Betony is very much beneficial in improving the heart health of its regular consumer. Betony can lower the blood pressure and improve blood circulation to the thereby reducing risk of occurring heart stroke and other cardiovascular complexions.

Heart Health

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