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15 Amazing Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil


Amazing Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil

Tuberose is a flower and the essential oil which is obtained from this flower is called tuberose essential oil. The flower has a wonderful magical fragrance and this fragrance is active only during night time; hence the flower has alternative names like ‘Mistress of the night’ or ‘Night Queen’ or ‘Raat ki rani’ etc. This flower is commonly found in the Indian subcontinent as well as in Central America and Middle East and is very popular world-wide due to its wide variety of benefits. Let us have a look at some properties of tuberose essential oil which make it popular across.

Here Are The 15 Amazing Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil:

Increases Libido

Tuberose essential oil is aphrodisiac in nature and acts as a sex stimulant. It is known to treat impotence and increases libido. Tuberose oil also helps in sexual arousal and its fragrance builds up a wonderful romantic atmosphere. To make use of its benefits you can either inhale it or take it orally.



Tuberose oil has a magical fragrance and this is why it is used in numerous scents, room fresheners, bathing products, beauty products, skin care products and a variety of other products. Tuberose oil also forms a very important part of aromatherapy.


Helps In Making Body Care Products

Tuberose oil has a good fragrance and it helps to reduce body odour. Thus it is used as a deodorant and forms a part of many body care products like bathing oil, bath soaps, bathing foam etc.

Natural deodorant

Acts As Muscle Relaxant

Tuberose oil has a wonderful property of relaxing smooth muscles in our body; this imparts benefits in treating cramps, spasms, convulsions. It also provides relief in diarrhoea and other spasm related health disorders.

Sore Muscles

Acts As Nerve Relaxant

The property to relax nerves makes tuberose oil very beneficial in calming your body. It brings your brain and the entire body to a stable ground level and literally gives you peace of mind.

Useful for nerve disorders

Improves Blood Circulation

Tuberose oil improves the overall blood circulation; which indirectly keeps your entire body healthy. A good blood circulation ensures that toxins are flushed out of the body and your entire organ system is receiving enough supply of oxygen and nutrition thus maintaining our overall health.

Red blood cells

Has A Warming Effect

Inhaling tuberose oil during winter season when the temperature is really low helps in keeping your body warm. This oil gives warmth to our body and regulates the temperature imbalances.

Has A Warming Effect

Beneficial For Your Respiratory System

Tuberose oil benefits people suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders. It soothes the respiratory tract and reduces spasms and relieves the system from excessive mucous and cough. It also reduces allergy and has an overall beneficial effect on our respiratory system.

Improves Respiration

Moisturises Your Skin

Massaging the skin with a solution made of lukewarm water and few drops of tuberose oil locks the moisture in the skin. This keeps our skin soft and young. Regularly using this solution as a moisturiser would have long term benefits on your skin.

Combination Skin

Treats Skin Infections

Apart from moisturising your skin, tuberose oil also helps in preventing and treating skin infections. You need to simply massage the tuberose oil on to the skin for best results.

Treats Skin Problems

Helps In Healing Heel Cracks

The moisturising and healing properties of tuberose oil makes it the suitable candidate for treating cracked heels. It provides relief from pain and ensures quick healing.

Cracked Heels

Reduces Nausea And Vomiting

The pleasant fragrance of tuberose oil helps in reducing the feeling of nausea and gives relief against vomiting as well. Whenever you feel uncomfortable and feel like vomiting just inhale tuberose oil for few minutes for best relief.

Reduces Nausea

Good For Your Hair

The moisturising properties of tuberose oil makes your hair soft silky and lustrous. It also has a beneficial effect on your scalp thus keeping away dandruff and flaking. These properties make your mane beautiful and strong.

hair care

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Tuberose oil is muscle relaxant and nerve relaxant and these properties help in reducing stress and other mental health related disorders. Tuberose oil is also beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression and benefits the overall mental health.

Anxiety Attacks

Considering its abundant health benefits, tuberose oil must form a part of our homes. Make the most of this wonderful essential oil. You can either inhale it or take it orally in low quantities as per your preference. The property of muscle relaxation and nerve relaxation makes tuberose oil a sedative. It helps in slowly calming down the entire system and helps to get a good sound sleep; thus benefiting people suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia.


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