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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lemon Plum


Benefits Of Lemon Plum

Lemon plum is a fruit that is sweet as a plum and resembles the shape of the lemon. These are initially sore in taste but become sweet once they ripe. These are usually available in spring season. These are considered as best sources of vitamin A and C. Though these are considered to have lot of benefits the available of this fruit is limited. These can be eaten fresh or can be added to smoothies or salads.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Lemon Plums:

Digestive Health:

The fiber content in lemon plums is very high; this helps in enabling proper digestion. This helps in preventing gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, ulcers. Improved digestion in turn improves the metabolism.

Digestive Health

Immune System:

Lemon plums are considered as a rich source of vitamin C. vitamin C helps in boosting the immunity of the body that prevents the attack of bacteria and other germs that try to damage and weaken the body. Increased amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants help the body to resist the attacks of foreign bodies and keep your body away from diseases.

Immune System

Weight Loss:

Lemon plums are low in calories and can be eaten without hesitating during diet regimens. The consumption of lemon plus can help in providing required nutrients to the body without adding calories. It also keeps you full so that you can avoid over-eating.

Faulty weight loss programs

Anti Ageing:

Lemon plums contain vitamin A which is very essential for a beautiful skin. It has the capacity of reducing the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation of skin. The beta carotene form of vitamin A acts as an anti-ageing agent and prevents the skin from all the factors that cause ageing of skin.


Eye Health:

Lemon plums are a great source of vitamin A. vitamin A helps in curing all eye related problems and you can say goodbye to those frequent visits to a ophthalmologist. It keeps the vision clear and also has the potential to cure night blindness.



In addition to providing a flawless skin lemon plums also act as a natural sunscreen. Regular intake of these can help prevent your skin from being affected by the harmful rays of the sun. You can retain your radiance even when spending time in the sun.

Sun Exposure

Treats Dandruff:

Vitamin C in lemon plums helps in treating the scalp with dandruff. It also promotes the growth of hair and treats itchy and dry scalp. It also reduces the hair loss problems caused due to dandruff.

Eliminating Dandruff

Treatment For Cold:

The antioxidants and vitamin C present in lemon plums can fight the virus that causes influenza, flu and common cold. These antioxidants also help in detoxifying the body.

Colds And Flu

Cholesterol Levels:

The fiber content in the lemon plums can effectively reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the content of good cholesterol. This helps in reducing the chances of heart strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. The consumption of lemon plums will help you in maintaining good heart health.

Lowers Cholesterol

Treatment For Acne:

The anti-oxidants present in lemon plums help in reducing the clogging of pores which lead to formation of acne. They can also be used to treat the spots or damage caused by acne to the skin. Lemon plums also help in rebuilding the damaged tissues so that the blemishes and spots can be healed.


Prevents Hair Loss:

Treating damaged hair can be made possible by eating lemon plums. It prevents the hair from getting damaged further and repairs the damaged hair. It promotes the growth of hair by countering all the factors that lead to hair loss.

hair loss


The fiber present in lemon plums is soluble in blood. This fiber helps in maintaining proper glucose levels in the blood. The regulation of glucose levels can help in preventing diabetes. Also regulated glucose levels can provide sufficient energy to the body which helps in keeping you active and fit all the time.


Rejuvenates Skin:

Lemon plums help in rejuvenating the skin by providing required nutrients to the skin. It also cleanses the skin and keeps it fresh and young always. This is a cheaper treatment that will provide a radiant skin without any side effects.

Skin glow

Iron Absorption:

The high amounts of vitamin C in lemon plums can increase the absorption of iron in the body. More the absorption of iron more is the chance of curing anemia as the iron content will help boost up the hemoglobin in the blood.

Detoxify Your Body

Prevents Cancer:

The anti-oxidants present in lemon plums help in fighting against the free radicals that cause cancer.

Prevents Cancer


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