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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Teff Grain

Health Benefits Of Teff Grain

Teff grain is loaded with nutrition and health. These seeds are cultivated in Ethiopia and a few other Northern African countries. These grains are super healthy and easy to consume. Along with fabulous taste these provides a lot of power. The size of these grains is equal to the size of a poppy seed and comes in different colours. In this article we will look at fifteen amazing health benefits of tell grain.

Here Are The 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Teff Grain:

Rich Source Of Protein

Two ounce serving of Teff grain seeds gives one seven grams of protein which is equivalent to consuming a large egg! Along with this, these seeds also provide eight essential amino acids which are not internally produced in our body.

Increases body strength

Good For Bones And Teeth

According to the studies conducted in teff grain seeds, it has been found that 100 grams of these seeds contains 180 grams of calcium. So for healthy and strong teeth, nails and bones Teff grain should be included in the diet.

Healthy Bones

Free Of Gluten

For people who are sensitive to gluten, Teff is very useful to them. It is a healthy and gluten free food which can be consumed without worries.

Free Of Gluten

Treats Constipation

Digestion plays a very significant role in the functioning of overall body and mind. A healthy digestion leads to a healthy body and what help in making it better is fibres. Teff grain has Gluten protein that supports digestion and cures gas, bloating and constipation.


Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels

Teff grain regulates the blood sugar levels in the body by bringing down higher levels of sugar in the blood. These grains have forty percentages of resistant starches with a Low Glycemic Index.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

Low In Fat

These seeds have fewer calories and slightly sweet in taste. Intake of these seeds gives you adequate amount of nutrition without adding weight to your body. These seeds are considered to be a wholesome meal that tastes fabulous and does not contribute to body fat.

Faulty weight loss programs

Provides Long Lasting Energy

Many of us depend on expensive energy booster drinks to give an instant kick to start a day. Many of these drinks add sugar and fat to your body. Instead of these options one should go for teff grain seeds which are purely natural, low in fat and provides huge amount of energy to perform any task will full efficiency.

Boosts Energy

Full of Fibre

Teff grain seeds have plenty of fibre to fulfil the daily requirement of our body. A single serving of these seeds provides five grams of fibre which is much higher than other whole grain flours.

Full of Fibre

Reduces Weight

Loaded with fibre, teff grain helps in weight control. The more fibre you eat, the better will be the digestion of the body. Also, it gives you a feeling of fullness for a longer time and prevents unnecessary snacking between your meals.


Good Source Of Vitamins and Minerals

Teff grain is proven to be the powerhouse of nutrients than any other cereal. It is a super grain which is a healthy and natural source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

Teff Grain

Strengthens Your Immune System

Being rich in vitamin C this oil increases the immunity power of a person and makes one capable of fighting off diseases easily and effectively.

Strengthens Immune System

Prevents Heart Disease

There are lots of diseases whose sole cause is inflammation. You can prevent these diseases by eating teff grains on a regular basis. Teff also have copper that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that protects one from heart diseases against deficiencies.

Prevents Heart Disease

Controls Signs Of Early Ageing

Copper is found in large amounts in Teff grain that slows down the process of ageing and maintains the natural vibrant colour of your hair for a longer time.


Best Vegan Foods For Healthy Development

People who are on a vegetarian diet find it difficult to incorporate right amounts of protein in their diet. With Teff grain seeds their problem is solved to a large extent. These seeds are rich in amino acids and also fulfil the requirement of several other basic nutrients like calcium, iron, protein, magnesium and fibre for healthy development of your body.

Growth and Development

Healthy Brain

The anti-inflammatory properties nourish your nervous system and promote better health of brain.


Less Sodium Content

Being low in sodium, these grain seeds are effective in treating various types of heart and blood pressure related ailments.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

These grain seeds are readily available and can be consumed in various forms. Teff seeds get cooked and baked in less time and can be added in flour to prepare a loaf of bread. It has a special flavour that adds nutrition and taste to your normal flatbread. Also, you can eat these seeds in various forms for example as a cereal at breakfast, pasta, nutri-bars, rice etc. So add this wonder food into your diet and keep yourself fit.

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