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15 Awesome Benefits Of Margosa Juice

Benefits Of Margosa Juice

Margosa leaves are extremely bitter in taste but are very sweet for the health. All the parts of the margosa tree, namely shoots, leaves, and flowers have immense medicinal properties and is used for ayurvedic treatments. It is highly antimicrobial and antiviral in nature and can be used as an antiseptic for many troubles.

The Benefits Of Margosa For The Health, Skin And Hair Are Listed As-


The leaves of Margosa contain a compound that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and prevents the attack and growth of bacteria in the body. Any kind of pathogen attack can be prevented with the administration of margosa and there will be a reduction in temperature if a person is suffering from fever. People drink the juice of margosa leaves, and bath in the water in which these leaves are added to ward away all kinds of internal and external infections.

Bacterial infections


Drink Margosa juice every morning on an empty stomach to detox the body and purify the blood. By eradicating toxins from the body, the skin clears up and glows, the digestion becomes better and the organs function effectively.


Intestinal Infections

Parasites in the intestines can be treated with the administration of Margosa paste on the stomach. The ingestion of margosa juice also kills the worms in the bowels and pushes them out of the system due to its antibiotic qualities.

intestinal Health

Weight Loss

Drink the juice of Margosa flowers to increase the metabolism of the body. The increased metabolism improves the functions of the body and helps in the better breakdown of fats that will result in weight loss.

Faulty weight loss programs

Fights Cancer

A form of protein present in margosa help in the prevention of growth of cancer cells and tumors in the body. It helps in destroying the malignant cells and drinking a glass of margosa shoot juice regularly helps in removing toxins that prevent the occurrence of cancer cells in the body.

Prevents Cancer

Eye Problems

The juice of margosa leaves can be instilled in the eyes to treat eye problems like itching, redness, and pain. In the case of diseases like conjunctivitis and night blindness, add few drops of margosa juice to the eyes at night and leave overnight.

Eye Care

Stomach Ailments

Problems like dysentery, diarrhea, constipation and acidity can all be treated using margosa. Drink margosa juice to treat flatulence and make the digestive tracts stronger and germ-free.

Stomach ulcers


Margosa is used extensively in treating various kinds of skin ailments. The ingestion of margosa juice helps in removig impurities from the blood and helsp in the eradication of skin problems like acne, rashes, and marks. Neem leaves can be added to bathing water to make it antiviral and hence it helsp in treating various skin problems like measles, eczema, and rashes. Neem contains vitamin C and it helps in treating blackheads, pigmentation, and blemishes. Grind some margosa leaves and apply over the pimples, to dry them and lighten marks. Even leaves boiled in water can be strained and that water can be used as a face wash or toner for the skin.


Teeth And Gums

The twigs of the margosa tree can be used as a tooth cleaner and its antibacterial and antiseptic nature protects the gums and teeth. Mouth ulcers and cavities can be kept at bay by using these margosa twigs and its water can be used as a rinse to treat oral problems. These twigs naturally whiten the teeth and make it stronger and shinier.

Strengthens Teeth


Margosa is anti fungal in nature and fungal infections like ringworms, athletes foot, or any other infection can be treated with Margosa oil or applying a paste of Margosa leaves on the affected part.

Fungal infections (2)

Head Lice

For children suffering from head lice margosa oil should be applied and left for some time on the scalp to get rid of the lice. Applying it two to three times and washing the hair will help in completely getting rid of the lice.

Treatments Against Lice

Chicken Pox Marks

Apply margosa juice on chicken pox marks to lighten them and they can also be applied to eczema to treat them effectively.

Chicken Pox Marks


Margosa can be effectively used to treat malaria as it can strengthen the liver and destroy the viruses causing malaria.

Treats Malaria

Vaginal Pain

In the cases of labor pain in pregnancy, margosa juice can be applied to the vagina to reduce the pain and ease up the labor trouble.

Vaginal Pain


Administration of margosa juice to diabetic patients helps in controlling the blood sugar levels, dilating the blood vessels for better blood circulation and increasing the insulin receptor resistance in the body.


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