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15 Benefits Of Cherimoya For Skin Hair And Health


15 Benefits Of Cherimoya For Skin Hair And Health

Cherimoya, also known as sugar apple is a variety of custard apple which is a tropical fruit thought to be native from Peru and Ecuador and Bolivia. The fruit is also known as “tree of ice cream”. The fruit is widely used in smoothies and ice creams and mousse.

Some Of Popular Benefits Of Cherimoya Is Listed Below:

Helps In Healing Wounds

Cherimoya is highly rich in Vitamin C. A medium sized cherimoya provides about 35 percent of recommended intake. Vitamin C is required for healing wounds and formation of tendons and ligaments. Consumption of only one cup of cherimoya provides resistance against infectious agents and removes free radicals from the body.


Immunity Booster

Cherimoya is an excellent source of Vitamin C which plays a very important source for improving the immune system of the body. These nutrients are powerful in natural antioxidants and helps growing resistance against infection. Therefore, consuming cherimoya helps in eradicating diseases like cold and flu.

Increases Immunity Power

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Cherimoya is a rich source of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that helps in protecting the body from damage by inflammatory free radicals.

Fights Inflammation

Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin C present in cherimoya helps prevent free radical from attacking the lipids which helps in promoting the cardiovascular health. It tends to reduce the good cholesterol levels and reduces the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This in a way improves the blood flow level and also reduces the risk of heart attacks. Cherimoya has a balanced ratio of potassium and sodium which helps in regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Other than that the excess of cholesterol being absorbed in the gut is also reduced.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Increases Metabolism And Immunity

One of the major component present in Cherimoya is Vitamin B6 which helps in the proper functioning of metabolism and immune system. This vitamin controls the GABA neuro chemical levels in the brain. Some amount of GABA level in the body helps to calm down headache and depression. It also relieves stress and other tension related problems.

Improved Metabolism


Cherimoya provides a lot of benefits to our body. One of them is the enhanced survival of the cells in our system. They decrease the level of lactate dehydrogenase from the body. High level of LDH in the body indicates that the cells are damaged by injury or disease.

Relieve Joint Pain


Cherimoya contains adequate amount of calcium which is essential for bone health. Cherimoya helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Fights Osteoporosis

Maintains Heartbeat And Blood Pressure

Cherimoya has abundance of mineral like potassium which is required for normal heartbeat and blood pressure level. It also helps improve your metabolism and bowel movement. Besides potassium other minerals which are required for healthy functioning of the body are magnesium, sodium and zinc. There minerals are present in cherimoya in sufficient amount.

Controls Blood Pressure


Cherimoya consists of several antioxidants, the most important of them is acetogenins. Compounds of acetogenins processes anti-malarial, anti-cancer and anti-helminthes properties. Cherimoya is rich in antioxidants which helps protecting against free radicals.

Free Radicals

Treats Diabetes

As the fruit is a rich in vitamins, nutrients and other anti-oxidants, the fruits help in curing plenty of diseases like diabetes, anemia, constipation, cramps, hypertensions etc.


Maintenance Of Healthy Skin

As we have already mentioned, cherimoya is rich in vitamin C, which is very important for healthy skin. The preens of vitamin c in the fruits helps in the formation of collagen which is a kind of protein which improves the elasticity of the skin. Other than that it also helps in fighting free radicals providing healthy flawless skin.

Fresher Skin


Problems like wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines can be cured by regular consumption of cherimoya. It helps to reverse the pigmentation of skin caused due to free radicals.


Hair Growth

Nutrients like magnesium, iron and zinc are present in abundance in Cherimoya. These nutrients are the most important components for healthy growth of hair.

hair Health

Treatments Against Lice

Unripe cherimoya can help a lot in removing hair lice. Mixing powder with water and applying it on the scalp one hour pre shampooing your hair can help you get rid of lice in your hair.

Treatments Against Lice

Prevents Gray Hair And Makes Them Shiny

Cherimoya seed oil is ideal for course hair. It basically hydrates the hair to make them look shiny and lustrous. Other than that the beneficial copper enzymes present in the fruit helps them to maintain the color of the hair and prevent pre hair graying.

Prevents Gray Hair

This pleasant fruit is not just sweet but also has high nutritional value. Cherimoya has an array of health benefits and should be in our regular diet plan.


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