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15 Benefits Of Dry Grapes For Skin, Hair And Health



Benefits Of Dry Grapes For Skin, Hair And Health

Apricot seed oil has a distinct flavour which makes it a good cooking agent in various recipes. This oil is also use Grapes when dried in the light of the sun turns golden, black or green in colour. These grapes are called as dry grapes. Dry grapes are also popularly called as raisins and counted under the category of dry fruits. They are high in nutrition and provide instant energy to the body. This is the reason why these have been used in preparation of energy booster drinks, energy bars and energy supplements. These have been considered as one of the healthiest snacks available and a better alternative to sweet products like candies, chocolates etc. Dry grapes are eaten as a whole or added in various sweet dishes like ice-cream, cookies, puddings and creamy vegetable curries. In this article we will look at fifteen benefits of dry grapes or raisins for skin, hair and health.

Here Are The 15 Benefits Of Dry Grapes For Skin, Hair And Health:

1. Cures Digestive Issues

Dried grapes consist of insoluble fibre that assists the movement of food in the intestinal tract and gives relief from digestive issues like chronic constipation. It is also found useful in curing diarrhoea.

Aids Digestion

2. Increases Weight

The sweet flavour of dry grapes is due to two natural sweetening agents: glucose and fructose. These are considered to be healthy consumption of fats without causing harm to the body. They are healthy fats which are taken by sports person, athletes and body builders to gain weight in natural and safe way.

Faulty weight loss programs

3. Increases Immunity Power

Dry grapes provide a large source of various essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phosphorus, selenium and proteins. This helps in boosting and strengthening the immunity power of a person.

Weakens Immunity

4. Treats Cancer

Consumption of dry grapes provides a beneficial anti-oxidant called catechins to the body. This antioxidant prevents the growth of free radicals and enhances the functioning of body organs, cells and systems.

Prevents Cancer

5. Remedy For Hypertension

Dry grapes have been widely known for lowering blood pressure in a person and promoting healthy heart in a person. This also prevents hypertension. Its high amount of potassium and dietary fibre unclog arteries and ease the flow of blood through them.


6. Controls Diabetes

Dry grapes have been used since ages to reduce the amount of insulin in the blood post eating a meal. It is very useful especially for people suffering with diabetes. Dry grapes aid in absorption of sugar and prevent health complications and difficulties associated with diabetes.


7. Prevents Overeating

Consumption of dry grapes helps in regulating the levels of ghrelin and leptin in the body that gives you a feeling of either full or hungry. Including this fulfilling food in the diet provides nutritious diet and reduces overeating.

Prevents Overeating

8. Relieves From Anaemia

Dry grapes have plenty of iron that fulfils the requirement of iron in the body. This fruit also helps in curing iron related deficiencies such as anaemia. Raisins have Vitamin-B complex which helps in production of blood and copper that forms red blood cells in the body.


9. Fights Away Fever

Dry grapes have known to have germicidal and antiviral properties which help in curing fever and infections caused due to virus and bacteria.

High Fever Along With Flu Needs Antibiotics For Speedy Recovery

10. Promotes Healthy Heart

Daily intake of a handful of raisins lowers bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. This improves the health of heart and minimizes the risk of hypertension, strokes and heart attack.

Heart health

11. Good For Kidneys

Raisins are a rich source of potassium which prevents the formation of kidney stones and its recurrence.

Kidney Damage

12. Strong And Healthy Bones

Dry grapes have lots of calcium content which are required for bones to stay healthy and dense. It contains boron which is responsible for development of new bones and aids in better absorption of calcium in the body. Raisins prevent osteoporosis and gives relief from joint pain.

Boost Bone Health

13. Improves Vision

Dry grapes contain polyphenolic phytonutrients that are considered vital for the health of eyes. These nutrients save eyes from harm due to free radicals and prevent cataracts, decay of mucus, and weakened vision. Dry grapes comprise of beta-carotene, carotenoids and vitamin A that improve eyesight and keep them sharp and healthy.

Healthy Vision

14. Removes Skin Imperfections

Raisins have antioxidants that slow down ageing process in a person and offer them healthy and glowing skin. This is a natural blood purifier which helps in throwing away toxins and renders you clear, vitalised and beautiful skin.

Fresher Skin

15. Nourishes Hairs

Dry grapes help in stimulating the hair follicles which leads to growth of new hairs. It is loaded with power nutrients that strengthens hair tissues and nourishes each and every cell of the scalp.

Promotes Hair Health

There are very less things which are tasty and also healthy. Dry Grapes are one of them. So enjoy this delectable fruit and stay healthy and protected.

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