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15 Benefits Of Horsetail For Skin Hair And Health

15 Benefits Of Horsetail For Skin Hair And Health

Horsetail is being used in numerous ways. It is used as a dye, wood polish, sand paper, etc. Its use in herbal medicine and cosmetology is very significant. The wide range of minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients make horsetail a valuable plant. A few health benefits for which the plant has been used since ages have been mentioned below.

Following Benefits Of Horsetail For Skin Hair And Health:

Respiratory Tract Infection

Horsetail tea is a wonderful remedy for cold and congestion. It possesses natural expectorant properties. Its anti-inflammation properties are also beneficial to ward off irritation in the respiratory tract. It is effective to treat dry cough, bronchitis and flu.

Fights Infection Of The Respiratory Tract

Brittle Nails

The minerals found in horsetail help strengthen nails and remove white spots. The best remedy to get rid of brittle nails is consuming horsetail extract daily or steeping the nails in horsetail extract for 20 minutes. Doing this for 3 weeks will give you noteworthy results.

Brittle Nails

Bone Health

Silicon is vital for protecting the bone health. But silicon is not found in most of the foods we consume. Hence, most of the time, it is taken in the form of supplement. Horsetail contains enormous amounts of silicon. Therefore, it reduces the development of age related bone diseases and bone degradation. It is beneficial to slow down and reverse bone density related issues.

Healthy And Strong Bones

Cancer Protection

Horsetail contains antioxidants that are very effective in reducing cellular damage caused due to free radicals and reduces the effects of byproducts released during cellular respiration. It reduces wear and tear of organs, inflammation and degenerative diseases. It prevents the abnormal proliferation of cells.


Kidney Functions

Horsetail helps eliminate uric acid. Uric acid is responsible for the formation of kidney stones and affects the functions of the kidneys. Horsetail is supposed to increase urination and expel toxins out of the body. Thus, it protects the kidney and improves its functions.

Kidney disease

Encourages Hair Growth

Horsetail extract effectively boosts hair volume. It is an age old remedy for baldness. Horsetail extract massage makes the hair healthy and dense. The silica present in the herb helps treat dandruff and prevents split ends. It also acts as a natural conditioner.

Hair Growth

Skin Health

Horsetail is one of the ingredients found in beauty products that claim to possess anti-ageing effects. It also helps keep the skin clean and thus prevents acne. It treats rashes and boils effectively.

Fresher Skin

Anti-Aging Benefits

Horsetail helps build up healthy connective tissues. Thus, it reduces wrinkles and delays ageing. It also alleviates inflamed and irritated skin.

Anti aging mask


Freeze horsetail tea in the ice cube tray. Wash your face and use these cubes as a toner every day. Alternatively, you can dip cotton ball in the herbal tea and apply it on your face. Make sure to avoid the eye area.


Cures Hair Problems

The silica present in horsetail makes it an excellent remedy to treat various hair problems such as spit ends and dandruff. Natural hair care will make your hair healthy and you need not worry about any side effects as well.

Dandruff And Lice

Natural Conditioner

The tea prepared form horsetail can be used as to rinse your hair after shampooing. With regular use, your hair becomes shiny and soft. Say goodbye to frizzy and dry hair and enjoy long and healthy hair.

hair Health

Foot Infections

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, horsetail has been topically used to treat foot problems like chilbloains, frostbite and Athlete’s Foot.

Athlete’s Foot


Patients with type-II diabetes were benefitted when they were administered with the single dosage of horsetail extract. Significant reduction in blood sugar was noticed. So, taking this herb at least once a day is advantageous.



Gargling with the tea prepared from horsetail is quite beneficial for treating various oral problems. This remedy cures mouth sores, bleeding gums, gingivitis and inflamed tonsils.



The anti-inflammatory and hemostatic action relieves the pain associated with piles. It also prevents and reduces the bleeding. Fiber rich meals reduce the threat of constipation, which is considered to be the main cause for hemorrhoid pain.


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